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Directly after reading the question it’s come to my mind the investment that every institutions and educational organization do to market the the English language from different topics such IELTS ,Combridge tests,Tofel and others,for example: the Web site of EF education first make a researches and analytical data to find a prospects and leads and offer them a value by creating an offings much your need and want ,starting by email of (you can test your English at any time) so that give us an approach or a pre-approach of communicating to feel comfortable and give you a good impression and get your trust after taking the exam you find your self need more exercises and learning new aspects and go forward with subscribing with them to learn more so by easy way of payments and easy access so by this way they deliver an easy way to learn and offering you an assistant after that of how you can progress and make an advance , all we can see that every things come from costumers needs and want and they focus first about getting the good impression and how their researches pays off and their prospects come alive and the most important here that after that they follow up with you to learn from your experience ,evaluate your personal value and learns new needs and retain you by offering you a visit to learn English in their institute
to sum it’s really important to learn from the costumers and consumers but build a relationship and follow up with them and lead them to succeed is more important and specially if you completed with social responsibility and with sustainability.


Q: Think of a company or social campaign that has caught your attention and assess it by using the 4 Ps of marketing (product, place, price, and promotion). Pick a product, service, or issue for which you might develop a marketing campaign. What are the first issues you need to address according to the fundamental rules of marketing? Beyond the topics covered in this unit, what would you suggest are other issues marketers should keep in mind in the twenty-first century marketplace as they launch a campaign?
A: The company that catches my attention right now is Nike. They mainly sell sports apparel which includes shoes and equipment.
Product: If I were to develop a marketing campaign it would be for their gear.
Place: Nike is available in major clothing stores, local stores, Outlet malls, and online which services a maximum amount of customers including overseas.
Promotion: Nike does a great job at promoting their apparel. Their main strategy is to use star power to intrigue customers by insinuating that even the superstar athletes approve of their products. They also sell products based on the guaranteed comfort.
Price: Nike has built cache over the years which allow them to charge for product at the maximum amount. Another factor in their price ranges is that they have few quality competitors (Adidas, Under Armor, etc.).
The first issue I would address are the high priced products of Nike. It will be difficult to lower them though due to the loyal customers and lack of competitors. Marketers should consider social consciousness when making their campaigns. The world we live in now is more conscious and/or sensitive to sloppy advertising.


The company that catches my attention is Costco. They use the five Ps very well. The company products are always high quality and I always find what I am looking for and more. Their services are equally as high quality, with good customer service and staff who know the store and products. they promote their products well by offering many samples of food and other products to customers as they shop, and access to the stores is easy as they are found everywhere, even in malls. The best part of Costco is their great prices.
They offer low priced, high quality items in bulk. Which is what every shopper needs. A service I would like to develop would be a cash checking company. The first thing i would do is create a marketing plan and then eventually making a strategic plan. I would offer my customers with good service at a price more affordable than my competitors. I would then promote my business locally at grocery stores and bus stops. An issue with marketing to keep in mind would be to not falsely advertise or hype up your services because customers will be disappointed if the business is not up to par.


I choose an organization called Health Africa (AMREF) that facilitates different projects on Water & Sanitation, Immunization and promotion of safe circumcision for boys below the age of 8 years.
Product: Promoting safe water in communities and schools, immunization for babies below two years to curb unnecessary infections at that age and spreading awareness about safe circumcision among boys of school going age.
Place: The place would be in different communities, schools and hospitals.
Promotion: Is achieved through the distribution of flyers, advertising through the AMREF website, seminars, training, mobilization and distribution of plastic tanks to schools and communities.
Price: Immunization and circumcision equipment used, safe water and equipment used to keep the water.

The service I would choose is a secretarial bureau providing research, reports, typing/printing documents, proposal writing to my customers. I would make sure that my business is brought to order, that is, all the advertisements (internet and social media) placed is actually what customers benefit from the business. I would make sure that my employees provide good service to the customers to make them happy and the customers would spread the word to other people about my good services offered, this is called word of mouth. I have to take much effort to understand my target market and focus on it in order to raise more profits for my business.

The issue of responsibility is very important in understanding organizational ethics because an irresponsible behaviour is very common in society. Selfish ambition, greed can bring about leaders to lose perspective and rationalize unethical behaviours. Society now is very keen than ever before as far as ethical recklessness that benefits some, while injuring others. The few priorities should be treated most important to achieve success in modern organizations. Social culture must be influenced by the institutionalization of ethical values. Communities will benefit from the positive influences employees take from their workplace back to their families, friends and associates. Common language must be promoted to allow them to communicate readily and comfortable and attending effective ethics training programs. Ethics, lifestyle and culture move together as it is promoted in homes, places of work and the world at large.


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  1. Company
    Safaricom Limited is the leading communication company in Kenya. It is the one that has attracted my attention of recent. That’s why I would like to assess this company’s marketing mix principles.
    Products and services
    Safaricom’s products that it produces and sells to its wide target market are as follows; phones, laptops, SIM cards, credit cards, M-pesa services, and KCB loan services.
    Safaricom uses integrated marketing communications to promote its products and services. The company’s consistent message slogan is “Safaricom the better option”. Advertising is one of the promotion tools of Safaricom through the media such as television, newspaper, website and social media such as what’s App to promote its products. Direct marketing is also mostly used by Safaricom by sending sales personnel to meet customers to sell products and get feedback from customers. Safaricom also employs professional selling who contact customers through phone calls.
    The pricing of its products and services is one of the strategies that have placed the company in a competitive position among other communication companies. The products of Safaricom limited are priced in a manner that customers make choices of What they want to buy. For example, mobile phone credit cards are offered ranging from Ksh20, 50, 100.
    This company delivers its products to customers through many target markets countrywide. This have been through the construction of the communication network system to enable customers to get access to their products and services. In Kakuma Town there’s a safaricom house that’s placed for customers to buy the company’s products. That’s the way Safaricom delivers products to customers.
  2. Bottled water
    In order to market the bottled water, I have to put into consideration the marketing principles. The water should be produced according to standard procedures of production such as screening of the water idea, specifications of the water, development stage and testing of the water as a new commodity. In my marketing campaign for the bottled water, the pricing strategy and approach is one of the principles that I will use in order to succeed in my marketing campaign. I prefer to use cost-plus pricing strategy, that is the production cost plus the profit. This will help me realize profits. I will also used several promotional tools and tactics to market the water. My consistent message for my campaign will be “quench my thirst fast”. Advertising on TV, billboards, and websites are the media I will use for the promotion. Direct marketing is also one of the tools I will used as it can connect customers and my business. And also, availing the water to the market place is important to my campaign.
  3. One of the 21st Century issues to be considered in the market place is the health of the goods offered to the customers. The reason why I cite this factor is that there many health issues surrounding the products in the market. For example, some products are said to expose people to radiations and hence diseases like cancer. Hence customers are made to doubt some products in the market. They’re made to be selective in their purchases.


The company that I would like to discuss here would be Starbucks. This particular brand is one of my most favorites and all of its products -be it the extravagant smoothies or the pastries- seem to be delicacies to me. But its coffee as the world knows is undoubtedly the best. Now let us consider the concept of the 4 Ps and relate it to Starbucks’ Business Strategy (Haskova, 2015). Starbucks has set up its cafes all over the world. In fact its present target is to penetrate the markets of the developing nations as well. Irrespective of the fact that the products of Starbucks are not low in their prices, this venture that the company has taken up is undoubtedly a risky venture. But then again the fact that Starbucks has targeted these economies is mainly owing to the reason that these nation again caters to a vast target market (Haskova, 2015). The population of these under developed nations is much higher as compared to the developed nations (Taecharungroj, 2016). Thus the target market that Starbucks’ aims at attending here is huge. Starbucks’ is already a name that has achieved ample promotions in the market. The pricing of Starbucks is undoubtedly higher than the usual cafeterias. But Starbucks manages the quality of the products amply and thus is so popular around the world irrespective of its high pricing.
In my opinion according to the fundamentals the most important P in the 4 Ps is undoubtedly the Product. If the products are good in their quality and can impress the buyers then the rest of Ps will inevitably be in accordance. The quality that I believe that most of the 21st century market population does no more strive hard at managing is consistency (Taecharungroj, 2016). I love experimenting and there have been several products launched by different companies that I loved in the first instance but soon enough after being famous they were hardly as great as they were initially. This lack of consistency is what differentiates the great brands from the ordinary ones (Taecharungroj, 2016).
Haskova, K. (2015). Starbucks Marketing Analysis. CRIS - Bulletin Of The Centre For Research And Interdisciplinary Study, 2015(1). http://dx.doi.org/10.1515/cris-2015-0002

Taecharungroj, V. (2016). Starbucks’ marketing communications strategy on Twitter. Journal Of Marketing Communications, 23(6), 552-571. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13527266.2016.1138139


Think of a company or social campaign that has caught your attention and assess it by using the 4 Ps of marketing (product, place, price, and promotion). Pick a product, service, or issue for which you might develop a marketing campaign. What are the first issues you need to address according to the fundamental rules of marketing? Beyond the topics covered in this unit, what would you suggest are other issues marketers should keep in mind in the twenty-first century marketplace as they launch a campaign?

The company I would like to discuss is the car manufacturer Subaru. I personally love this company as a whole and the quality they bring to the table.

Product: I would develop a marketing campaign for the company Subaru and their vehicles.

Place: Subaru’s are available on their website as well as dealerships both domestic and foreign. Subaru typically partners with another company (such Mazda or Hyundai)

Promotion: Subaru does a fantastic job of advertising their company as a whole. Their television commercials, radio ads, pamphlets, etc entice you with all of their safety features, quality interior, AWD in all of their vehicles, their positive impact on the environment as well as the longevity of their vehicles.

Price: The quality of their vehicles (from the base models to the most expensive) are higher than their competitors (Honda, Mazda, etc) but the longevity and guaranteed quality of the vehicle makes it more than worth it.

The company as a whole has built a powerful brand that practically sells itself, but mostly to the older generations. I have noticed that in the last 5 or so years they have improved the overall appearance of their vehicles (getting away from the “wagon” or “grandparent” look) and have even introduced brand new vehicles to draw in a younger crowd.
Another issue I see is that they don’t sell as well down South (in the US) as they do up North. When people hear Subaru they automatically think of them as snow vehicles, but they are much more than that. They need to start advertising their off road features (such as X-out mode) that are only available in their vehicles, and help with not only snow, but rain, mud, and extreme hills as well.
Finally, I think they do an excellent job portraying how they are environmentally friendly, both on the road and in the factories. You can tell that the owners of the company truly care for the world around them. They expertly advertise that they recycle 90% of their vehicles. Also, they have made the PZEV engine standard in all base models as a way to contribute to the environment; and in today’s time, anything that helps our environment is looked upon highly.


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What kinds of groceries do that company offer to customers? Or they offer all kinds, it is good to see you clearly discuss the 4Ps of the company.


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You somehow confused me when you say about place. You said Subaru is found in website… That’s supposed to be a promotion when you talk about websites. When we talk about place we are talking about the way the company avails the cars to customers in the various markets in the world.



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A social campaign that has caught my attention is use of social marketing on Twitter. Marketing has two fundamental roles: sell/serve what a business creates and manage its brand. Issues that need to be addressed are the demographics of a target audience as well as finding how its product will differentiate from the others and getting the consumer to acknowledge it. Besides that, other issues they might run into in this century is the medium in which they are trying to market as well as what trends are in. In example, there is a Sangria beverage that has drastically increased sales after it generated much buzz on Twitter. Twitter has a young audience that is hip and frequently updated with the latest trends a popular topics.

Product: CAPRICIO Sangria Fruit Wine Beverage
Promotion: Social Media (Twitter specifically); users share their experience of drinking Sangria
Price: It is really affordable ($7-15 depending on volume)
Place: Local package stores


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Kohl’s Department store came to mind as I can effectively identify the 4 Ps of their marketing.
Product- At Kohl’s you can find clothing of various sizes including men, women and children, accessories like purses, wallets, makeup, jewelry, etc. You can buy household items like kitchenware and bathroom decor, toys, shoes, etc.
Place- Kohl’s is in the suburbs around middle and upper-class neighborhoods. Kohl’s locations are also in fully leased strip malls. Meaning they target middle and upper-class consumers.
Price- Kohl’s sales high (good quality) name brands, with great clearance prices but some items can be highly priced. Kohl’s offers online orders, free store pickup which is ready in two hours. Free shipping is available with a purchase of $75 or more and they also have gift registries.
Promotion- Kohl’s competes uniquely by offering, Kohl’s cash which is ten dollars off every fifty dollars you spend in the store. They have sales of 20% off, and additional discounts for using a Kohl’s charge care.


M.A.C is a company that produces and sells make up (costmetic) kits.


The first and probably the most popular social campaign right now is Nike using the image of Colin Kaepernick. This marketing campaign has been highly successful and controversial gaining countless hours of media attention including the president of the United States giving a statement about it. Does this relate to the big 4Ps? It doesn’t really besides promotion. It’s a highly successful promotion of Nike, that’s not debatable. Their sales are hitting new highs in October 2018. As far as other Ps, The product and brand is already widely established. The place is almost irrelevant since it is a global campaign but I say almost because the impact is greater within the United States as per social injustices and the “take a knee” movement and the direct actions of Nike’s new spokesperson Colin himself. Price is not an issue as well. Nike’s brand is strong and is forecasted to do well over the next decade to come. Nike can charge almost whatever they want as a direct result. Marketer’s in the 21st century and beyond need to be aware of the potential negative/positive consequences and subsequent trends that may occur as a direct result of a simple ad campaign. Those consequences can and have proven to make/break entire companies. We live in an era of heightened transparency. Social media and other forms of instant/shared feedback about a company and/or product illustrate the importance of marketing and the social ramifications of doing it the right way.


The company that ha caught my attention is NIKE, its most popular product is usually the sneakers/trainers.The promotion is more kaleidoscope promotion strategy by using celebrities, to promote the product. For price, they usually use the skimming technique,whereby new sneakers/trainers are at a higher price when its new,then it price declines ,when shoe model gets old.For place, product is usually in gym stores ,trainers store or in its NIKE factory.


the company that has caught my attention and assess it by using the 4 Ps of marketing is sony