BUS203: Unit 1 Discussion



There are various issues that the marketers should consider in the 21st century marketplace as they launch a campaign. The Amazon Company has two distinctive methods for working with their clients. These two organizations are the ones I worked with over the most recent couple of years. I Amazon offer a wide range of approaches to assist their client with fast conveyance or having their bundles dropped off at neighborhood Amazon storeroom. The prices are contrasted with different items and endeavor to give individuals better prices. For Amazon, I trust that numerous individuals don’t have the funds to pay for the Prime Membership, which can constrain individuals from free sending and better prices. Only, for example, exercise center membership or lease at a flat, an individual needs to pay month to month for their administration or lodging. In the event that Amazon gives an approach to individuals to pay a month to month membership for Prime, it could improve profitability. At that point Amazon can compose something in their arrangement about the results when breaking an agreement (Parente & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014). I trust that Amazon Company does not pursue the 4Ps in view of my own encounters with them. Their item for link, web, and telephone, are over the top expensive. They don’t function admirably with their clients without influencing their prices for their items to go up every month. Each time the business does this, the client needs to call or go in and converse with them to make changes. From my point of view, they representatives don’t work with clients, particularly when I take a gander at the 4Ps in crucial marketing. Pricing is also a troublesome issue for Amazon in light of the fact that most items will move at some volume at pretty much any price level. Marketers could consider an esteem priced demonstrate, however this may make the item’s price so low that there is no real way to make a benefit on it.

Parente, D., & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, K. (2014). Advertising Campaign Strategy: A Guide to Marketing Communication Plans. Cengage Learning.


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The company that I have thought of is Kingfisher Insurance company limited based in Malawi. This company mainly deals with insurance products.
The first marketing mix that they apply is place, this company is located at the center of the city and it can be easily accessed by many people
The second marketing mix is the product, their insurance products and very convenient and they offer very good products, for example when you submit a claim of any sort of accident they make sure to attend to the claims in time and if they have to pay for any damages they do it in time
The third marketing mix that they apply is the price. All of their insurance products are very affordable so much so that even the most average person can insure their property at the kingfisher insurance company
And lastly the fourth marketing mix is the promotion, i just love how they promote their insurance market, they make billboards everywhere in the country and they have small events held like sport activities and people get to know about it and they promote their insurance products through social media, through television and through various events.


The company that caught my attention is PepsiCo.
Product: the Pepsi drinks are a product with the delicious taste,this product has already fulfilled the needs of people.
Price: the price of Pepsi is affordable and fair enough,for a bottle of 1,5 L it cost around 0,85197 USD in Indonesia.
Place: Pepsi can be find almost in every groceries shop and supermarkets.
Promotion: The PepsiCo company has a huge promotion for its product in order to reach to its customers. They promote the product by using elements like Television,advertisement,internet and social media to connect with its customers.