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BUS203: Unit 3 Discussion



Pick a marketing campaign that has caught your attention. Who exactly are the marketers’ customers? How might other businesses be part of their customer base? As you begin to launch a marketing campaign for your own company or service, who would be your customer base? What sorts of information would you need to obtain to provide precise detail to your customers? Beyond some of the resources suggested in this unit, what other research resources might you find useful? What sorts of information do these resources provide?


Axe is the campaign I would think about , it markets they younger ages on showing if you spray this on you … you can smell great and all the ladies will want to meet you . If I had my own company I think I would want to target younger children, I think surveys would be great to target younger children, I would use social media and print.


A marketing campaign that caught my attention was Budweiser. I liked the commercials because they are very family orientated and have a clean message without bad humor, sex, drugs, and nudity. It is sad to have it clean and advertise alcohol. I wish our commercials and advertisements were more friendly and family orientated, rather than inappropriate. The campaign is for adults and their beer is large and number one like the Clydesdales. The beer is showing and telling others that they are not small like ponies or other beer companies, but dominating and powerful. Other businesses may be a part of this customer base by providing the Clydesdales. Businesses can sponsor Budweiser and their products at local or state venues. Television stations advertise their commercials and
the billboards are all around the states.

My customer base would be the families I work with in a childcare center. I would
want to introduce and interact with these families by sending out brochures, having
a questionnaire, and talking to them by the phone or face to face. I want to keep the families up to date with my progress and what is going to be happening at our center or with our fundraiser. I would set up quarterly meetings if necessary and send out newsletters once a month so parents are informed and can ask questions. If there are questions to be asked I would reply or call the parents directly.

Other resources in my community or city can be beneficial by speaking or donating
supplies or money for the fundraiser. Some businesses will match the amount of
money that may come into the fundraiser or activity. I would like to speak to
local businesses and tell them what our goals are for our establishment and
keep them informed through letters or meetings. Organizations may be willing to
advertise our center in their column, newsletter, or e-mails. Local businesses
may be willing to post our flyer up to help advertise our center and we can
work with them by advertising their business too. Community outreach and
support is important to have with any business. A give and take response can
occur too. For example, our center had a fundraiser at IHOP and we were able to
give 10% of our receipt to our company after we at there. IHOP was able to have
customers and we were able to have some money come into our account.


The exactly are the marketers’ customers younger ages and the Internet has ushered in a new digital media culture that allows different forms of media to converge. What once used to be multiple separate devices such as a telephone, television, or computer are now able to converge as one form of technology. Smartphones are the perfect example of this hybrid technology that the new digital media culture has ushered in. As early adopters of new technologies, the youth in many ways are the defining users of the digital media that are embracing this new culture. "The burgeoning digital marketplace has spawned a new generation of market research companies which are introducing an entire lexicon of marketing concepts (e.g., “viral marketing,” “discovery marketing”).


the marketing campaign that caught my attention was Health and Safety. The companion attracted my attention because it is to deal with first Aid Equipment and also protection of workers. This markets to all institutions to protect the lives of their employees. If I had my own company target working people so as to have protective gadgets during their work, sports and also children if the activities may expose them to some danger or accident. I think i can use offer training courses of healthy practices, social media, sms, billboards, Tv adverts, radio and public campaigns


It is a moracle that the world is become very small. With the help of Internet you can not only advertise his product around the world but also possible to provide his customers any time of product that exist in any part of the continent. Now the time is to manage all this process cleverly. I am also agree with my other fellow students, that now we need to give proper training to our employees to manage this whole huge system.


Segmentation bases are criteria used to classify buyers. The main types of buyer characteristics used to segment consumer markets are behavioral, demographic, geographic, and psychographic. Behavioral segmentation divides people and organization into groups according to how they behave with or toward products. Segmenting buyers by personal characteristics such as their age, income, ethnicity, family size, and so forth is called demographic segmentation. Geographic segmentation involves segmenting buyers based on where they live. Psychographic segmentation seeks to differentiate buyers based on their activities, interests, opinions, attitudes, values, and lifestyles. Oftentimes a firm uses multiple bases to get a fuller picture of its customers and create value for them. Marketing professionals develop consumer insight when they gather both quantitative and qualitative information about their customers. Many of the same bases used to segment consumer markets are used to segment business-to-business (B2B) markets. However, there are generally fewer behavioral-based segments in B2B markets.


Who exactly are the marketersthay are also known as producers 'Producers are companies that purchase goods and services that they transform into other products. They include both manufacturers and service providers. Resellers are companies that sell goods and services produced by other firms without materially changing them. They include wholesalers, brokers, and retailers. Local, state, and national governments purchase large quantities of goods and services. Institutional markets include nonprofit organizations such as the American Red Cross, churches, hospitals, charitable organizations, private colleges, civic clubs, and so on. Holding costs down is especially important to them because it enables them to provide their services to more people
Figuring out who exactly in B2B markets is responsible for what gets purchased and when often requires some detective work by marketing professionals and the salespeople they work with customers?

How might other businesses be part of their customer base?

As you begin to launch a marketing campaign for your own company or service, who would be your customer base? I will certainly look out for Business buyers such as nonprofit or for-profit businesses. There are four basic categories of business buyers: producers, resellers, governments, and institutions

What sorts of information would you need to obtain to provide precise detail to your customers? Beyond some of the resources suggested in this unit, what other research resources might you find useful? What sorts of information do these resources provide


One campaign I have noticed lately is for a local car dealership. Their billboards always mention something along the lines of “we hear you”. Their underlying message is that other dealerships don’t listen to the customers and give them what they want, but they will. Their customers are those looking to buy a new or used car who live within one of two counties that they have their dealerships in.

My customers would be those looking at getting family portraits done within the the next few months or getting married within 6 months - 1 year away. I need to know what my competitors are charging/offering, what my costs are, what the income & spending levels are for my market, and how I can compete within those levels.

To get the information, I can do a simple web search to get information on competitors. I can also send out surveys through various groups I am apart of to gauge interest and client wants/desires and what they are looking for.


I would think of a company that produce lighted headphones and the targeted customers are the young and teenager . about my own company i thinking of a product that attract females which is a lipstick that made from natural ingredients and last for a week and has a nice flavour, i need to now what flavours that women like more. i will use the social media to know what women like