BUS203: Unit 6 Discussion

What key components do you believe are most essential to maintaining customer satisfaction? How might you address those in your own marketing efforts? Find an example of a social marketing campaign you admire. Who was the marketers’ target audience? What media did they select to connect with their audience and why? What message did they convey? Marketing plans will naturally be modified according to the type of service or product marketed, company structure, particularities of the target audience, etc. Consider a marketing campaign you might launch. What would be the primary components of your own marketing plan? Posting and responding to the discussion questions in the forums should take you approximately five hours to complete.


I believe that open communication, patience, and listening are helpful for customer satisfaction. Also, helping to solve the problem and working together to find a solution. Pointing fingers and blaming others is not professional. These are a few things I would do in my business and I will continue to grow and find ways to work with others. The knowledge that I have gained in my previous experiences in my childcare centers, I know I grew from those choices and decisions that were made.

Social campaigns that are advertised on the television are the elections for presidency. Many commercials are targeting the adults and voters for the upcoming election. The commercials are sponsored by other people or businesses and the candidate approves the commercials once they are shown on television. I believe commercials were used to reach out to the people and voters because many people watch television and this would be a great way to reach out to them. The message is “Vote for [blank] because they will provide the best resources for our country.”

If I had to run a marketing campaign, I would use it for elections for the board at our company or a new slogan. I would ask have people vote and give their opinions or suggestions. After receiving the information, I would put all the facts and data together. Once done, I will have a meeting with the families and employees. Through discussion, voting, and communication, we will decide what our board and slogan will be. Through partnerships with the community and business, I want people to have their opinions and concerns recognized. I want to engage everyone in the next process for our business because I want to build and gain their trust and partnerships.

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I think that media communication for example TV, Radio. Social media. Internet. are helpful for customer satisfaction. These are a few things I would do in my business and I will continue to grow and find ways to work with others. , I know I grew from those choices and decisions that were made.

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The components i believe are essential to maintaining customer satisfaction are they do not only make us grow but also make them feel important, appreciated and valved. knowing my customers makes it easier to anticipate their needs in most cases, requests would be fairly straight forwarded and achievable. It is a leading indicator of repurchase and customer loyalty, its easier to maintain customers than acquire new ones. And it reduces negative word of mouth.

In my marketing efforts I think first and foremost i would treat my customers as though they are my boss if there are no customers you can not make sales for example by thanking them for the business, to get out of my way and help if they need help, and also by keeping my integrity and promises. I would also focus on surveys on the measurement of customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction metrics. I would try to build customer loyalty to increase customer satisfaction for example to educate and empower customers, to remember special occasions like birthdays birthdays, by talking with my customers and asking them what they want me to deliver to them and also my to level managers to lead from the front to make sure all is well with the customers. First priority put on customer feed back and using that to improve where recommendations are made. Emailing the customers about the products and new products so as to have contact with them. I would use social media so as to track and monitor my customer and also to monitor brand mentions and sentiments and also as a customer support channel.

The social marketing campaign i admire is online media because it reaches everyone all over the world. people who view are recorded(visits) comments can be made and also likes or dislikes can be made.You can tell about your customers how they respond to your product on. Also people can make purchases from any part of the world after viewing the company offerings and delivery can be done and controlled online, invoices, delivery notes, quotations and receipts can be sent in a minute a way.

The Market audience is for people who can be able to use the internet and also those who can afford to buy phones. This Mtn Uganda every where you go offers many services to Ugandans, the farmers and people in rural areas they can be able to communicate to their business partners, families, friends, for those looking for jobs, with in offices and also in other office branches, government institutions etc. They provide mobile money transfer, internet, telephone credit (calls and sms), afforded phones and also for the high class.

The media they selected to connect with the audience were tv promotions, online media for example web-sights, Facebook, tweeta, YouTube etc, Television adverts, radios, billboards,fliers, promotional gifts given branded with company name and logo, radio, live promotions with competitions, mobile marketing ( cars moving playing music and mentioning the name of products, sponsorship, news papers , magazines and many others
The message was MTN everywhere you go reaching all Ugandans

The primary components of my marketing campaign would be first i would do a market research that is i would collect, organize and write down data about the clients who are using our services i would consider market dynamics, i would consider demographics, customer segments, target markets , needs and buying decisions. i would look at what we are offering and what the competitors are offering so as to position myself better than them. I would look at the current sales so as a can how the product is in the market place, and also i would look at the suppliers who is going to sell our product for example retailers, whole sellers, brokers etc.

I would try to find my target market and then i would try to market to them so i would persuade them from buying our product through marketing for example social media, tv, radio , fliers etc

I would try to explain what my product offers to the public. For example you can send your family money in a minute in case there is an emergency, the user instructions are in many local languages, the network is stable, we offer low rates for calls and we have offers when you load cred for a certain a mount you get a certain number of free sms and free calls, You can pay your bills using the phone etc.

I have free lessons on how to use those services on phone and online, In case of any difficulties you can contact the customer helpline which is free of charge and we offer twenty four hour services and also you can come to our office to the customer care office and all necessary help or training will be given to you. We are here to make sure your needs are served. That is one of my strategies against the competitors and also you can find us on web sight can make any comments and you can also reach us through email.

We are selling our services to the Uganda revenue authority, Umeme ltd, Ministry of internal affairs, the Government of Uganda, offices, hospitals, to the neighboring countries Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, MTN Outlets, in the supermarkets, the small retail outlets, bars, coffee shops and canteens. Our products are available everywhere.

The marketing strategies i would like to use are first online marketing because it cheaper, sms’s, through emailing, banners, fliers, t. shirts, pens and other types of attractions, training programs to improve awareness , brochures, direct selling, trade shows,press release, announcement over radio because many people in Uganda listen to radio and news papers, magazines, Sponsorship and public relations through press release and publicity.

From the information collected from my market research i would use that in my pricing so as my product is easily affordable and meeting the customer needs and for the company to still make some profits that is the higher the sales the higher the profits. So the prices should be good enough to attract the customers.

I would set my budget in the manageable levels according to the financial resources we have , so as not to over spend on the marketing and the staff. The number of staff members, marketers, and directors plus what is needed to take care of the petty cash.

My goal is at least to make forty percentage increment on sales in One year and in four yours when whe have hit most of our target markets.

Finally I would try to monitor my results so as to see which strategies are working well and what is not through use of surveys, track customer sales, leads, visits and look at percentage of sales etc

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customer empowerment is a function of three things: creating feedback channels that are easy and widely available, asking for and encouraging feedback about products, and enabling customers to participate in the design of products. Elsewhere, we discuss how customers can participate in the design of products, or offerings. In this chapter, we focus on those ubiquitous feedback channels, as well as strategies to solicit and encourage feedback.
Take JCPenney, for example. You might think that a company as large as JCPenney would be unable to give customers the ability to create their own types of shopping experiences—that standardizing the products and services they receive would be necessary. But JCPenney is an excellent example of how a firm can use the Internet and other technology to engage its customers and provide them with more control over the products and marketing communications they receive.
What JCPenney did was to ask women to join the Ambrielle community. By joining, women agreed to regularly participate in group discussions about products, review product samples and provide feedback directly to JCPenney, and other similar activities designed to give JCPenney insight into how to best serve women’s needs. In exchange, the women got the products they wanted, as well as early fashion information, and the satisfaction of having an impact. In this instance, JCPenney empowered their customers in a positive manner, with benefits for the customers and JCPenney.

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active listening,Credibility and respect i think those components are important to maintaining customer satisfaction.if i would think of a campaign i will talk about
one i saw lately it was about bottled water company ,their target audiences were all the people from every age,they use the social media influencers to connect with their audience, their message was the importance of drinking water and they make these brand like social media celebrities’ favorite water. a marketing campaign you might launch would be about skin care line products , my primary components of my own marketing plan will be listening,Credibility and respect


What key components do you believe are most essential to maintaining customer satisfaction? How might you address those in your own marketing efforts? Find an example of a social marketing campaign you admire. Who was the marketers’ target audience? What media did they select to connect with their audience and why? What message did they convey? Marketing plans will naturally be modified according to the type of service or product marketed, company structure, particularities of the target audience, etc. Consider a marketing campaign you might launch. What would be the primary components of your own marketing plan? Posting and responding to the discussion questions in the forums should take you approximately five hours to complete.

When maintaining customer satisfaction I believe that an open line of communication is key. The perfect place to do this is in the customer review section of a product, yelp, and other social sites where customers can place there opinions of your offering. A lot of companies accomplish this by responding to social media comments.

Starbucks is really good about taking their customers opinions and growing from them. I notice how they will quickly respond to online comments and if the negative comment is severe enough, they even make a press release about the event. They do a great job of focusing on loyal customers and separating their comments from the comments of those who are always negative. For instance, when the company created their holiday disposable cup and simply made it red, it enraged some of the Christian community. Starbucks likes to keep their hands away from politics and religion and they released a statement simply reiterating that to their customers. They also knew that majority of their clientele (college students and middle age people) didn’t take offense to the design of the cup. They actually praised it.

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A loyal customer is a treasure to your business, so he/she must be kept and hidden from the world. When my customers share their story about a product, they are teaching me how to make my products or services better and those issues must be addressed immediately. Money is also important, the customers’ opinion and feelings about the brand can affect the essential metrics like repeated transactions. It is important to meet all the requirements and answer the needs of your customers while delivering the best of your quality services, they will be satisfied and your brand will increase your sales. You will also stand out of the competition if you do that and thus your great customers will take your brand places.
It is very important to provide a greater customer service to my customers in my business by providing proper service, getting proper revenue and everyone is happy. Creating innovations to better my marketing efforts for both my customers and myself.
The social marketing campaign I admire is the Gap (1969 premium jeans) and their target audiences were ‘new customers’ who really doubled their sales by buying apparel for $25 only – they used ‘Groupon’ to offer a nationwide deal. They also used ‘Foursquare’ social media which enabled them to build a community which offered added value and created a conversation into their everyday lives. Online loyalty turned their company into profit.
I would launch a cotton laundry brand that would target women from 18 – 35 with an interest in luxury goods (Cotton Laundry’s target audience demographic). I used Google search, Instagram and Facebook Ads that reflected the luxury brand positioning while raising awareness among the target audience who might not have heard about this brand. In about four months of campaigning, it accounted for 13% of all website transactions and 15% of all website revenue, which also include the ‘Shop Instagram page’.


In my opinion communication is a critical factor to keep our customers satisfied. A good communication results in a happier deal/exchange. Nonetheless, using social medias, I would offer my customers free training, listen to them, and evaluate feedback from them.

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What key components do you believe are most essential to maintaining customer satisfaction? How might you address those in your own marketing efforts? Find an example of a social marketing campaign you admire. Who was the marketers’ target audience? What media did they select to connect with their audience and why? What message did they convey? Marketing plans will naturally be modified according to the type of service or product marketed, company structure, particularities of the target audience, etc. Consider a marketing campaign you might launch. What would be the primary components of your own marketing plan? Posting and responding to the discussion questions in the forums should take you approximately five hours to complete.

Customer satisfaction can be defined as the ability of the product has been meet or exceed the customer expectations and satisfy their needs as well as wants, it is also considered an important factor for the success of the business. This satisfaction means the indication of the fulfilment of the consumers expectation by offering a product, There are different essential components which are required to maintain customer satisfaction, in order to implement marketing efforts and strategies effectively, marketers which should be considered within the following components, customer service plan means planning to interact with customers, additionally exploring the needs of a said target audience, each customer has a unique need and the firm should try to identify which needs are similar for a large audience. A customer friendly policy suggest the marketing efforts must comply with the customer’s welfare, lastly the customers feedback on questions, concerns and wants should be reviewed on an ongoing bases.

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“You cannot pour from an empty cup”
Though this wasn’t covered, I’m basing my reply on 20 years of customer service and one thing I do know is that tired, demotivated, bitter and unhappy people rarely give great customer service. Being caught up in your own problems leaves you unfocused and disengaged. So before beginning any marketing effort, I would take care of me. My mindset, energy and clear all distractions so I could be completely focused on the customer and this also allows my analytical and strategic thought processes to move faster.

Currently, there is a revival of a recycling campaign in my country (iCare) and two messages are being sent. Citizens are encouraged to report any individual or business caught breaking environmental laws and new recycling bins were placed in more areas than before with household recycling due to begin in the near future. One is mainly to the older generations to clean up their act and the other is to children to teach them the benefits of recycling and what it means for their future.

My core component in any marketing plan will be communication because no matter what medium I use, I will need all my messages to convey as one. For example, I need my customers to know they can trust and rely on me and that I listen so in all my promotions, I will use colours that inspire trust, create feedback channels that provide timely responses and allow for more one to one interactions. Ensuring there is adequate privacy and security on these channels also aid building trust and encouraging customer interactions.


Une entreprise prospére est celle qui répond mieux aux besoins des clients que la concurrence, et sa performance est évaluée par sa capacité à intéragir avec ses clients et les responsalibiser par le contrôle des activités de marketing qui leurs sont déstinées et en participant à la conception des offres de produits. pour gérer la fidélité des clients l’entreprise créent des sites web pour constituer des communauté de clients fidéles qui partagent leurs avis et expériences avec le produit , et élaborer des programmes de fidélisations.
Un exemple de campagne de marketing social choisi est celui de l’encouragement de l’exercice physique en utilisant les vélos pour se déplacer en ville, le ciblage se concentre sur les hommes et les femmes de moyen âge, avec l’utilisation des spots publicitaires TV,radio, les réseaux sociaux, panneaux publicitaires, ainsi que l’organisation des événements de sensibilisation et promotion de mode de vie saine . le message marketing véhiculé " Importance du sport pour préserver la santé".
J’envisage de lancer une campagne marketing pour médicament antiviral suite à de longue demandes des médecins pour avoir un médicament qui sera efficace ,sans éffets secondaire et qui respecte les bourses des patients . le ciblage va se concentrer sur les médecins qui prennent en charge cette maladie avec la fourniture des informations de qualité par les visiteurs médicaux ainsi que les réunions scientifiques pour le partage de recommandations et d’expériences


To keep customer satisfaction, the business needs to know if the customers are unhappy. They can’t improve anything if the customer doesn’t tell them what their needs and wants are. Honest customer feedback is key to helping the business improve so they know what they need to change. Definitely communication should be the top priority for any business because sometimes the most basic issues can be solved if people would just talk to each other instead of about each other. Trust is also another important factor in business. Knowing that someone will always have your back makes you more confident whilst doing your job. If you make a mistake, no matter how hard it is be honest and people will trust you more than if you hide it or try to pretend it never happened. To solve these problems with my own marketing efforts, I would have a content calendar which everyone could see clearly. This would at least sort out part of a lot of potential communication barriers. I would make sure that everyone knows what our marketing goals are through weekly meetings, and create a culture where people are not afraid to speak up if they have questions or concerns.
A marketing campaign that I admire is Nike’s subsidiary, Air Jordan. It creates a few different effects with one simple action. Since Air Jordan’s are inspired by the former basketball player Michael Jordan, people that are into basketball will be looking at these shoes. They are also for anyone who is into sports or fashionable active wear. Already this is a large audience. On top of that, anyone who follows or likes Michael Jordan as a person will also be seeing these shoes. I think social media captured their audience effectively because I am someone who falls into the fashionable active wear category. After seeing these shoes presented by the photographer Peter McKinnon, I investigated them further. I had never really seen them before then, but they exceeded my expectations.


I believe the key components to maintaining customer satisfaction are good customer service and honesty about products performance. I would address these in my own marketing efforts by making sure I had well-trained employees who knew a lot about the products or services they are selling, and who were honest and had good people skills. A social marketing campaign I admire is the Walk for Life with the Women’s Pregnancy Center. The marketers’ target audience is caring, conservative people with high moral standards who want to make a difference in the world and help others who are struggling. The main media I know of that they use is social media sites such as Facebook and word of mouth through friend groups and churches. The message they convey is that women should have access to free ultrasounds to see their unborn baby before making any rash decisions about having an abortion.

A marketing campaign I might launch would be to support our president for re-election. The primary components of it would be staying on budget, reaching as many people as possible, and providing people with facts and answers to their questions.

i think the key is trust. When we buy something, we trust to the company. We trust about their vision and mission and we want to help them. so don’t make your customer lack of trust of you.

Personal selling, strong customer relationship, follow up with customers, explaining product features, explaining product quality, after-sales service, provision for consumer feedback are some of the most essential components to maintain customer satisfaction.

I’ll share the company application with customers. Comments and feedback facility in the system will be explained to the customers. Personally, I’ll also maintain a follow-up calendar, along with customer major queries, suggestions and solutions for customer interactions.

The recent social marketing campaign is that of the Central Government for the necessary health protection of people against COVID-19. The product is COVAXIN which is provided as two doses, 2nd dose 28 days after the first dose. The campaign media is TV and mobile text messages which reach the whole Indian population so fast.
If I launch a marketing campaign in future, the prime consideration is targeted audience, demographic consideration, customer tastes and preferences and collecting and referring secondary data if available from reliable sources.

I feel that analyzing the data and keeping informed regarding the good and bad of the product is imperative. If the company is marketing a product that is not appropriate, it is a waste of the companies time and resources. Having a relationship with the consumer, understanding their needs.

One of the amazing examples that I worked for is the marketing plan of “Floosak Service”

I believe meeting customer expectations is the most important in maintaining satisfaction. One campaign that I admire is a local dairy that glass bottles milk. Their target audience is families and sports fans. They do this to connect with families and what they like to do. This also helps them pick their market audience. By marketing to your own audience you can hopefully control what kind of people you sell to. I think my marketing plan would be much the same. Sportspeople are usually conscious about their health and down to earth. The kind of people I would enjoy working for.

Key components to maintain customer satisfaction is price, durability, and availability. I would address those components by maintaining good quality assurance. I admire Aveeno’s campaign. Target audience is aging women and chose a popular attractive actress to be their spokesperson. Conveying the idea of life long beautiful skin. The primary components of my marketing plan would be product, price and accuracy and/or effectivemness of the description of the product