BUS206 2.2.1: Cloud Computing chapt 3 exercise 3


If I am a owning a small business, I would certainly think of cloud computing as a serious option. There is many good arguments for this kind of solution, and most of them are really cost saving. The biggest one for me would be the IT cost that can be a lot improved. Sometime software can be really costly but more than that, having less people hours to put on maintenance, on backups on installation or updating things can really save time and money. You can even buy device that are less equiped because of the requirement being very lower.

There is also some advantage on having cloud computing, mobility. People can access everything from anywhere that an internet connection is available. Sometime only providing a good mobile service on a phone will let someone open a shared connection and give access to the net for almost everywhere. This mobility also open the possibility of giving the employees only working in the system, the possibility to work at home, saving working space that can also be costly.