BUS206 2.4.1 Discussion



Confidentiality is the quality of restricting the distribution of information to only those individuals to who need to access it to fulfill the mission of the organization.

Integrity is the accuracy of stored information.

Availability is the quality of information being accessibility to individuals who need it, and in an appropriate time frame.


On a personal level, installing a quality antivirus, such as Avira, Avast, or Norton is crucial to protect the integrity of ones data. Equally important is controlling access to your devices. For example last year, while working overseas a friend installed pirated software on my laptop. To do this, they disabled most of the functionality of my computer’s antivirus, effectively compromising my system, giving me no end of security related problems. So my advice after chooses quality antivirus and firewall, you must think smart, that is be extremely careful about who you allow to access your device or else you may find your data compromised and yourself to replace your said device sooner than expected.


Confidentiality - being able to restrict access to only those who are allowed to see it

Integrity - the assurance that the information being shared or accessed is consistent

Availability - the information is available to anyone who is authorized to do so in an appropriate manner