BUS206 Information security triad

Confidentiality: data should only be accessible to those who absolutely need it. Unauthorized users should not even be aware of the existence of resources

Integrity: You must be able to trust that data is represented faithfully and hasn’t been maliciously altered

Availability: Information must be accessible to those who need it within an appropriate time frame, based on their role.

‘In a brief paragraph, describe how you apply these components in some area of your work life or personal life. For example, if you work at a bank, you might consider how you maintain confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility for one kind of data. Of course, be sure not to share confidential data in your post!’

In my workplace, we use a SSO and role based access controls for various information systems. We make use of sharepoint, which allows users to create shared resources that can be kept confidential, by defining exactly who can have access. Integrity is maintained by only offering edit access to users who require it. Availability is maintained by the use of a cloud computing resource that can be accessed by authorized users from many different devices, with the data being stored in a remote location that is regularly backed up.