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BUS206: Management Information Systems


4.1.1: IT and Competitive Advantage

  1. Summarize Carr’s argument that IT does not bring competitive advantage
    Nicholas Carr claimed the availability of information technology and software left little room for business to differentiate themselves from other competitors. The easily copied software left corporations with diminished competitive advantage, “you only gain an edge over rivals by having or doing something they can’t have or do”

  2. research and explain the current thinking on the ability of IT to provide competitive advantage:
    According to other current articles, it’ not IT that give a company a competitive advantage but the way the information is used by the company that provide creative and innovative way to attract completion.

  • view business problem for client perspective
    -be creative in designing IT systems and processes
  • attitude from company leadership on how to use and drive information technology to their advantage

Article: Use of Information Technology in Competitive Advantage
ByKarehka Ramey -October 15, 2012

  1. What is your position on IT and competitive advantage? As similarly discussed In above article, it is how we use, twist and refresh information technology and it’s subsequent process that provide corporations with a competitive advantage. With the use of big data to drive business objectives, effective and creative ways to fulfill the needs of customers are always required to stay on top.