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2.2.1: Cloud Computing

If I was running a small business with limited funds I would search for the cheapest service that could provide my business: efficiency; technology updates; data security and integrity; and customization.

Some research of the market, comparing the costs of cloud services with buying licensed software or the development of internal software, shows that contracting cloud services is the cheapest and most cost effective decision to make.


2.2.2: Open-Source Software

Open source has some myths surrounding it that should be debunked, like the more or less security, the lower quality of the code, or that it’s free to use.

Some of the downfalls of open source code are it’s lack of security in distribution, it’s provenance, vulnerability to exploits and lack of patching, and developer issues like instability on the team and lack of future vision. So it’s difficult to assure the security of most, not all, open source applications without very serious investment of time and money.

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2.3: Networks

The internet is an interconnected network of networks. The World Wide Web is only a fraction of the Internet. The WWW is made up of web servers that have HTML pages that are being viewed on devices with web browsers, while the Internet has that and also electronic mail, voice and video, file transfers, etc.

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2.4.1 The Information Security Triad

Confidentiality is the protection of data from everyone not allowed to view it. Integrity is the trust in data over time, keeping it well kept (not corrupted) and able to reproduce in the future. Availability is to be able to access the data when necessary.

An example of the security triad is when you keep your old digital photos in a external storage with a password required to access it, and from time to time you use that device and check if the photos are all there.

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3.1.2: Utilizing Data to Make Decisions

More data could help me make some financial decisions. For that I would need more credit payments data, like projections of payments in relation to interest rates fluctuations and/or fixed interest rates, and the historic of interest rates

My intuition says that variable interest rates are cheaper, but the historic says that at this moment we are close to historic lows, so I would need to check the long term payment plan on several interest rate scenarios to make a decision.

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