BUS208 Discussion | 1.3.7 - The Big Five Personality Test



###Reflect on the Big Five Personality Test that you have just explored.

  • What type of personality do you believe defines your individual preferences?

  • Do you feel that your personality style has changed over time based on your experiences?

Share your thoughts on these questions below. This is a good opportunity to respond to what others have written and seek feedback on your own contribution to the discussion.

BUS208: Unit 1 The Big 5 Personality Traits
BUS208 - Big Five Personality Test

I think that my personality is Agreeableness. this is because i am a nice and caring person. I am kind to people and a easy person to talk too. I am pretty good at getting along with people that i just met. I use to not be very nice or easy to talk too. Things have changed and i have become a nicer person over the years.


As I read the required reading on the Big Five I realized I am all of them and that I am mostly balanced so I am neither too much to the left nor too much to the right. This was an interesting reading, an eye opener for me at least.


Read this article and think about what, if any, personality tests are conducted by your organization. Have you taken a personality test, or given one to others? Do you believe that the five personality traits discussed in this reading accurately portray human beings? Why or why not? As society advances and new technologies impact our lives, will our personalities adapt and change? What about the possibility of individuals displaying different personalities based on their form of interaction? For example, will introverts feel more comfortable expressing themselves in an online environment? What other personality characteristics will be impacted by the use of technology.

After taking my personal trait test, my score came out to what I expected. I have taken one of these tests before and I know my personality very well. Nothing has changed since I took my test many years ago.

I looked up my results, matched them with our readings, and some of the it I have to disagree. For example, extraverts do not perform well and take off more work than other people. Personally, I am so dedicated to my work, I do not take much time off because I do not get paid holidays and cannot afford taking it off. Furthermore, when I do take off work, it is for me not for my friends. I would feel guilty taking off work for my friends, especially if I did not get approved to do so.

Some of my other personality traits lined up exactly to what the book discussed because I am able to adapt and work with others. I am artistic and love to find different ways to solve the problem or situation. I believe there are different ways to solve a problem, but I need to find the best one for that situation or individual.


I would also have to say my personality tends to lean more towards agreeable, but I also think it can depend on the situation or the circumstances. I think as you gain confidence in an area, or your area of expertise grows some of your personality traits can also differentiate.


It seems like the more structured and organized a company has been the more conscientious and well behaved I am. Loosely ran companies have made it easy to curse, be tardy, or wear something more casual like the other coworkers. The problem is that these smaller mom and pop shops base their values on their social lives and if you don’t fit into their culture it can be tough to succeed no matter how valuable your personality is at a solid organization.


Unit 1 was vey interesting. Learning the O.C.E.A.N. personality traits and knowing yourself can give individuals a soft skill advantage in any work environment. Historically I have displayed neurotic tendencies that have detracted from my success and, sadly, possibly that of other people as well. The good news is that my awareness of this problem can bring about changes. After completing the Time and Stress Management certificate (also covered in BUS208) https://learn.saylor.org/course/view.php?id=59 I am better abled to manage the things in life that are within my power to control. The emphasis this unit places on positivity is invaluable for people who may also experience neurosis.

Having openly stated my weakness It would only be proper to say something about my strong trait, conscientiousness. What ever it is I do I can stay fully committed to the end. Being organized helps keep me focused and on task. I like seeing the challenge or situation globally and then systemically orchestrate it to completion. This personality trait keeps me concentrated on achievement and I am highly motivated by free eLearning certificates… especially when they can lead to collage credits!


My type of personality is openness and extraversion.
Yes, i can say that my personality has changed over time based on my experiences.


My most defining traits are openness and agreeableness. I try to constantly broaden my horizons. I might not be the most artistic person, but I try to understand art the best I can, so that when I meet artistic people, I can talk about what interests them. I try to keep a broad knowledge of sports, current events, and interesting topics in order to remain open and get along with others well.

My greatest evolution in personality has assurably been conscientiousness. Coming out of High School, I did not see the value in organization, cleanliness, or structure. With each job I work, I learn the real importance of these traits, and how they can be the difference between success and failure, or profit and loss. Although I am not at the level I seek to attain, I know the level of concientiousness I need to achieve, so I am employing the tools necessary to achieve them.


I tried taking the test and I discovered that I have qualities from all with the highest score in openness and the lowest score in extraversion. I tried taking a test like this before and I had three different results because I took the test three different times. I just got my first job as an Intern and everyone seems nice but I prefer to keep to myself. Please are we required to take a particular test ? If yes please can we be provided with a link to the website so we can take the test? or can we just use any personality test we see online? because like I earlier said I took one before three times plus this one and the only thing they all have in common is that I am an Introvert.