BUS208 Discussion | 3.1.7 - Company Culture



###Reflect on the article about company culture that you have just read.

Consider a company you have worked for, or one that you are familiar with, in which the culture was a positive one.

  • What were the aspects of this culture that made your experience positive?

  • On the flip side, have you ever experienced a negative company culture? How did you deal with this negative environment?

Share your thoughts on these questions below. This is a good opportunity to respond to what others have written and seek feedback on your own contribution to the discussion.


Luckily some of the best companies I worked for in the 90’s offered the best Customer Service models I’ve ever come across. Now at age 38 I’ve commonly experienced depleting business ethics, lack of organization and no set mission or culture. I feel like many of the small business wing it in these areas to save time and money which will unfortunately catch up to them in the long run.


A company I have worked for that have a positive culture was Belkin bv, what I enjoyed most about the company, is their competitive attitude and the open door policy. In the company, employees are motivated to be creative, productivity and innovative; to succeed in this company you have to be determined to go beyond your comfort zone.


After spending nearly a decade training as a tradesmen and working odd general labour positions I found myself between jobs and working at Starbucks. A friend of mine offered me some side work painting offices for a non-profit one day so I went for the extra cash. When I was finished I was offered a part-time position working for the non-profit organization.

The people orientated culture in the non-profit suited much of what I felt was lacking in the profit driven industrial construction industry. People not only took care of themselves but they served the need of others here as well. Time and money didn’t see to be as much of an issue. Everybody was friendly and wanted everyone else to succeed as well. People’s achievements were celebrated and when failure occurred it was not shamed or ridiculed. Instead a sense of family was present, when one person rose we all rose together. The reduction in remuneration was replaced with an opportunity to live my values and adhere to the drives of my conscience. My creative spirit was an appreciated and needed resource. One drawback that should be mentioned was that hard work never directly equated to a pay raise. Everyone is paid the same amount. The people most committed to the program take the majority of the workload. Burnout was common.

The most negative places I have worked were organizations which had a strong culture of cognitive bias. Some people only see in black and white. This is great for surviving but terrible for thriving. Whenever faced with this type of environment I remind myself of my own purpose and reason for being present. Having developed a strong sense of self and healthy personal boundaries other peoples ideologies have a much harder time penetrating my core. One of my favorite inner mantras is "If they knew better they would do better.’ I try not to let my personality drawbacks get the best of me. The last but not the least of tactics I use to combat other peoples negativity is to lead by example.


The aspects that made my experience positive are Communicate Company Vision and Business Mission, Hire the Right People and Be Innovative.

Yes, i had experienced negative company culture. First of it was hard but i had to tackle the obstacle or the negative environment and i had focus and keep thinking positive.