BUS208 Discussion | 3.2.2 - Generational Diversity



Reflect on the article about generational diversity that you have just read.

  • What, if any, impact does generational diversity have on your own workplace?

  • Are younger, more technologically comfortable employees tolerant of older employees who may not possess as many technological skills?

  • Have you observed the reactions of older employees to new technology, and if so, how did these employees deal with those changes?

Share your thoughts on these questions below. This is a good opportunity to respond to what others have written and seek feedback on your own contribution to the discussion.


Sometimes, it is true, we saw that new one didn’t respect to old employees due to its old and slow method of work and lack of new technology skills. But it is also true that they are perfectly know about the ups and downs of the work and we have to learn that things from them and give them respect as an old employees and for his experience.


There are multiple generations at my workplace. The older employees definitely have a more difficult time with technology and take longer to learn it. We have a pretty supportive climate, so most of the time the younger employees will help the older employees learn these skills. This can slow down production time however. But I also feel that the older employees have other aspect to offer, such as maturity, experience and strong work ethic.


Being a younger employee in a more mature work environment can be challenging even if you’re more experienced and better educated. When placing people together from diverse backgrounds it is important to ensure all people are feeling like their concerns are being addressed. A younger person may see themselves as creative and innovate while an older person may view that same style as reckless. The more experienced human may actually have the correct solution to a given problem, all the inexperienced person needs to do is listen and learn. The ability to adapt to the changing environment is a key workplace skill. We all effect each other in many different ways. The secret to a successful working relationship is to be aware of the impact we are having on others and the impact others are having on us.

The generational divide where I work is not so vast that older employees do not understand rudimentary technology. I would say that most people are generally tolerant of others who are not yet computerized. It’s like helping an elderly person across a busy intersection. You do it because it moves the project along and because it is the right thing to do. Would you not agree?

I’ve seen some people completely shut down mentally and intellectually when it comes to technology. They shun it like the devil. These people took a very long time to learn the new skills required to keep pace with the rest of the world. Eventually they adopted the new skill, it just took a very long time. There have been others who were quick to adopt the new gadgets. Some people just seem to take a proactive approach to everything they do. It is best just to accept people for who they are and meet them where they are at.