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BUS208 Discussion | 7.2.8 - Setting and Achieving Powerful Goals

Reflect on the article that you have just read about setting and achieving goals.

  • What steps do you take to ensure that you set goals and take action to achieve those goals?

  • What do you do when you find that you have gone off track?

Share your thoughts on these questions below. This is a good opportunity to respond to what others have written and seek feedback on your own contribution to the discussion.


Reflect on the article that you have just read about setting and achieving goals. What steps do you take to ensure that you set goals and take action to achieve those goals? What do you do when you find that you have gone off track?

My goals have changed throughout the years. I went back to school 3 ½ years ago so I could finish up my Associate’s Degree. I knew that was something I wanted to do, but I did not know what field I wanted to be in. I am almost done with my Bachelor’s Degree. I went back to school 1 ½ years ago to complete it in Early Childhood Education. I have so may goals in my personal life and at work. Somehow I am on hold until I finish my degree and have a better income. I feel like I am so far behind compared to many people my age. I cannot make life go any faster. I can only take a day at a time.

I believe that setting goals can be helpful and keep you motivated in your life and career. Sticking to your goals and reviewing them will help you reevaluate what you want in your life.


Life becomes pretty boring and lacks fulfillment if you stay in one place, both physically and mentally.Life Goals are the things you’d like to work on and achieve in order to be satisfied with your future and who you become. These could be anything from better relationships and be starting a business, to traveling the world, to improving your health and finance. Some are specific, others are more vague. However, without at least one such goal in mind, you won’t see much progress in the right direction.


First i will think about the goals i want to achieve and i will put all of my effort in to it and i will focus on the goals that i want to achieve.
I will fix it and put more effort in to it and i will focus more so that careless mistakes will never happen again.

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I try to make sure that the goals i am setting are defined and clear and when i see that i am off track, i do everything possible to get back on track.

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I think sticking back to your goals is one way to get back once you slip off. Having your goal and getting it into reality is one of the powerful ways of achieving your goal. There is also need to set your deaslines, skills need and the time fram it would take.

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I have always unconsciously followed a similar pattern in my life that very closely resembles the SMART technique described in this chapter. Which is to say, I recognized from early in life the value of setting a clear defined goal and establishing concrete ways of achieving it.

It is not infallible. I don’t always accomplish what I set myself to try, but having this mental map helps to see further on and avoid simple mistakes that are time wasting.

The second best thing to learn after that is the power of adaption. Set your goals, but learn to adapt and change them according to the situation. Be careful not to confuse adaptation with procrastination. Adaptation requires your goal to be higher or at least the same as the original.


[quote=“Community, post:1, topic:4828”]
What steps do you take to ensure that you set goals and take action to achieve those goals?

Goal setting is essential for meaning full life and respectable achievement in normal life and professional life. in our life, every thing is going round the the our goals.
goal setting is the basic key of successful life.

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First of all, I think it is very necessary to figure out where you are in life in relation to where you want to be.
After I have made this necessary distinction, I ask myself what things I can do in order to get to where I want to be in the future. I have to pay attention not to compile a lot of goals together because it is better an inch at a time than never doing it or giving up along the line because of an overwhelming situation.

I will have to take a look at these steps and verify and analyse them using the SMART analysis to ensure they are Specific, Measurable. Attainable, Realistic and Timed. This is necessary because without these qualities, I might not achieve them or not be proud of them after.

One other thing thing that struck me earlier while reading was that these goals should reflect my career choice and should be able to help me in that endeavor.

And if in any case in the process of pursing my goals, I realize I have gone off track, I would have to sit down with myself or a mentor, analyze where I went off track, fix the problem or re-strategize my goals and surge forward.

There is no quitting until I win because I know Life is a journey and the best I can do is to continually give this journey my best even if I make mistakes along the way.


The steps which to achieve one of my goal, it start form evaluate the dreams which I decided to make it reality in my society, then writ specifically the neseser steps I need its.
and after that I tell myself strength points and weakness to be clear full in my way, this steps represent my planing step.
I do not stop in here, but I start to implement what I just finish plan it, and continue organizing different materials which I have it.
when I feel off track, I just stop and remember and reorganization my general objectives to be comfortable with my circumstances after that it will useful and easy to achieve .


I completely agree that the first step is to define myself, who do I want to be, where do I want to be and how do I want to be seen by the world. Then I can have a guiding vision and an action statement to support my vision. Set SMART goals and get to work.
Using the technich of Plan , do, act and dare, I would always challenge myself to get better at what I want to become daily.

Live every set goal requires motivation to be accomplished, its also possible to lose track. Using balance score card, I can always evaluate my progress with a friend or a coach to redirect my motives until I achieve my goals.


I have found that one of the biggest ways to ensure I take the action needed to achieve my goals is to make a visual measurement system. One that not only tracks my progress, but also gives a clear and concise visual of the remaining action items needed to accomplish a goal.

If I find myself going off track, I take a moment to try and understand what caused the “fall off” and reassess if a slight adjustment is needed to account for the new variable that was identified. Once the adjustment is made and added to the plan then I proceed as before to get back on track.


The first step I take to ensure that I set goals and take action to achieve the goals is to evaluate myself critically, reflect on my past achievements and think ahead about what i want to achieve in future. Subsequently, I document my thoughts, sleep over it and keep amending until it becomes my actual goals. Recently, I have started developing a pictorial view of my goals on a board tagged the ‘vision board’.

When I find out that I have gone off track, I retrace my step. In some cases, I re-calibrate my goals to reflect the present realities. Truth is, some goals may require some factors beyond your control to achieve success. So, there is need to be flexible and constantly review the goals to ensure achievement.


Steps to ensure you achieve goals include, setting goals that are, Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely. The objectives should be based of the set goals. One needs tools to track the performance like a balanced scorecard to ensure that tasks are executed as planned to avoid going off-track.


I think life is boring without goals and people always have some kind of goal. I always have a new goal, whether personally or professionally. It may be shared with someone or it may not. I find that I do plan the actions to take to reach the goal and keep a mental note about how well I am doing. When I am off track, I know it and try to get back. I usually feel uneasy or disappointed, so know that I am not doing those things to reach my goal and that kick starts me back on track.


I live with my goals and the goals of my organization on a daily basis, and I strive to achieve them every day. And make the team live these goals during their moments.
Thus, it is not possible to deviate from the target area

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Making steps in your mind is easy what i think would be hard is summoning motivation/s strong enough to put yourself into constant or rather continuous motion in order to achieve said imagined and constructed goals.

To maintain a steady stream of force to keep up with your intended goals and objectives, aside from the concepts and tools discussed in this course, i think finding a significant meaning could be the bottom line in pushing yourself back and further. A reason that impacts you on a personal level is a valuable asset in progression.

Having a realistic goal will always guide you to success. So whenever I’m trying to achieve my Goal, I make sure they’re done accordingly.
I have this mentality that when you rush something there’s definitely going to be a mistake if you’re not careful, so most times whenever I take a powerful step, I try reviewing my moves just to correct any mistakes before moving to the next step

Setting and keeping goals without ‘moving the goalposts’ is often something I’ve struggled with in the past. I’d tell myself “every day I will do this” & it didn’t take long to switch to “a few times a week I’ll do this” then eventually to “once a week I’ll do this” - When I get off track like that it often takes me a good reset to get back onto the train. Remembering why am I doing this? Why is this important? Once this is done how does this impact my future?

I have been dealing with a lot of medical and I find that I get discouraged when I feel like I can’t meet the goal and so I move the goalposts so I can meet a goal… it’s just not the goal

Something I have been learning a lot more about recently is making sure your goals are smart and achievable. Because if you set unrealistic goals that you can’t make, it gets discouraging even becoming a deterrent. Setting smaller, smarter goals that can be accomplished really helps. Also, you accomplish/reach more goals this way!

I personally find that making myself a little rewards system for my goals really makes an impact on the way I approach trying to achieve those goals. For example, if I am on a diet and I have a goal weight to get to - breaking the weight loss down into increments (every 10lbs) really makes me focus on the progress that I have made and not lose sight of that because I’m too busy focusing on how much more I have left to get through.

Initiating actions in your brain is simple. Summoning motivation strong enough to put yourself into permanent or approximately perpetual motion to accomplish said believed and built goals would be problematic.
To sustain a steady current of force to keep up with your proposed goals and aspirations, aside from the concepts and tools presented in this course, I think finding a meaningful meaning could be the bottom line in pushing yourself back and further. A reason that impacts you on a personal level is a worthwhile asset in progression.

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