BUS208: Unit 2.2 The Theories of Management



Reflect on some of the theories of management that you have just explored. Consider the management theories that are in operation in your own workplace. Do you believe that these principles are being effectively implemented? What other practices do you feel might be better suited to your work environment?

In my lifetime, I left a few of my jobs because I did not feel like they were practicing the theories of management. From personal experience, in order to have a thriving company, you should implement one of these approaches into it. You many not agree with all of them, but you can always adapt and take what you want that best fits your business.

I have worked in many childcare centers, our state has very strict rules and guidelines for this industry. If I had to chose one of the approaches, I would pick Henri Fayol’s approach to administration. His five functions would work will in a childcare industry because you have to plan, organize, command, coordinate, and control everything from administration, classrooms, teachers, children, and expectations. Working with children, we should be working as a team and be able to team teach when interacting with parents, community, and our classroom setting.

As of right now, I have a new director in our childcare center. I am looking forward to seeing how she runs this business and what tools she offers to her employees. How will she run this business differently than all the rest that I have worked at?


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