BUS208: Unit 4.3 Team Building



Reflect on the article you have just read about building a winning team. What roles have you played as part of a team in your own work environment? Do you prefer to work alone or with others, based on your past experiences with teamwork?

I have played different roles in a team, but usually not the leader. These experiences occurred more in my late teens to early twenties. As I learned different skills and helped oversee a few of the childcare centers, I felt more comfortable leading my co-workers.

If I had to choose, I would rather work with others and alone. Depending on the activity, I can do either both roles. Working in a classroom, I may have aides so that means I need to do my best and work with them through delegating and partnering up with activities.

At work, I have had many different scenarios occur, which really offended and upset me. I do not mind stepping in and helping others, but when the other person does not help out or reciprocate it makes the job even harder. I have dealt with people who have had poor performance and disagreements because of personality issues.

I am glad that I know my strengths and weaknesses. I am still working on all of those skills at my work. I know when I get annoyed and when I get mad. I know how to help and mentor others, as well. I am not perfect at them all, but am willing to try new things to help me improve those team building skills.


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