BUS208: Unit 8.2 Decision-making Skills

Reflect on the article that you have just read about making decisions. Do you feel confident in your own decision-making skills? Are you able to make a decision and then stay the course and see your actions through to completion?

I think I do quite well with decision making skills. I did not know I was good at them until I was in charged at my first job. Then, I managed and took care of children in their house, which gave me skills to make decisions and manage a household. Working at different childcare centers, I have been put into situations that I had to make a quick decision. Yes, sometimes I reflect and make sure everything went the right way. Sometimes my decisions may not be the best, but I learn from those mistakes and choices. I do feel confident in my decisions and sometimes I will reflect and talk to my director so I can get some insight about the choices that I made.

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