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Hello. I have been really struggling with this course. Out of 48 credits completed so far with online courses, this is the only one I have failed - and I have failed it TWICE!

And on top of that - after studying my butt off for the retake and using nearly the whole 2 hours to go over every question, I got a 56%! I was devastated. (First time I got a 65%). I found the questions to be very vague and not very representative of the course material. The majority of the questions seemed either subjective or - in most cases - had multiple answers that seemed to satisfy the criteria of the question.

I don’t want to fail the 3rd time and be forever banned from passing this course. Does anybody have some suggestions on how to study for this final, because I can’t seem to find a lot of this information in the course material, and on the test review I cannot see which answer was correct on the ones I got wrong.

Have you passed yet? I assume you were referring to the direct credit exam. You can take the certificate exam every week with no worries.