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BUS300: Unit 3 Discussion, Part 1

Considering the importance of product selection, review each development and selection tools provided in this unit. Do a web search to identify at least one additional method for development or screening. How might you use these tools together to make a selection choice between three good ideas? Does one method appear more useful than the others? Why?

Its important to combine all method for development the tools.

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Concept testing and screening are very effective methods that can be used to evaluate products development, they can be combined together to yield positive results.

the method for development and screening are essential steps of NPD. One aspect not noted in the unit that I discovered during research is associated with test marketing is Commercialization. Commercialization can be grouped with the other steps as part of the final step. This process presents the product to its potential buyers/consumers. It can also be instrumental in helping a company determine how well their product or service will do in the market.

Does one method appear more useful than the others? depending on the product or service the methods used to develop and screen may vary, as such some methods produce better results than others.

Why? each product or service should have something that differentiates it from another, that is what determines why and what the best make it more useful.

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One additional method for screening is agreement with any legal requirements; meaning is the idea legal?? Are there any current patents regarding this idea? Three good ideas can be chosen and along with other screening methods this method will be used to see if the idea is legal or not…
The methods usefulness depends on the type of the product but first checking if the product meets the legal requirement or not will help as otherwise the product idea will be discarded.