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BUS300: Unit 3 Discussion, Part 2

You have been hired as a consultant for a company that wants to manufacture high-end bicycles. The owners of the new business have designed a bike that can be sold to cyclists that choose to compete. They have asked you to provide an evaluation and recommendation of the best manufacturing process. Use the information from this unit to write a recommendation to the owners. Include support for your choices.

Batch processing can be followed because batch process enables to produce similar products.


Its very important to do innovation as we known in global many expert used their knowledge to invent knew things with high demand. important part is innovation with best choice and high demand.


Based in of the information provided in the unit, my evaluation is as follows: there are two methods discussed that would best suit for the production of bicycles. First JIT ( Just In Time ) method and Flow Production. Considering the cost of production, time to produce a unit, the cost of storing the finished bikes pending a sale, insurance to cover the bike in the event of thief, damage, etc.

JIT/Flow Production methods for a bike manufacturer. Combining the two methods is best for eliminating holding cost and or tying up resources that can be made available in the event of a downturn in the economy or to take on a new venture.

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Continuous production can be used if the demand of bicycles is accurate and if the cost of stopping the production line is not much
But if the company will need to innovate then batch production will be useful as it will have a low cost of switching down the production line.