BUS300 Unit 4 and PRDV304 Discussion

Choosing suppliers for your supply chain is often a challenge. Do you put all your eggs in one basket or look to fulfill your needs through multiple vendors? Using the information provided over choosing a good supplier, apply the criteria to the purchase of a new car. Discuss your answers to the following questions: Is the quality good, is the vendor reliable, does the vendor have a favorable reputation, is the company easy to work with? Based on your answers, which of the vendor would be your choice? Why?

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I would choose the vendor which is best

In fact as I look back to when I purchased my first car, I did in go through the process for proper procurement. I sought out vendors that were reliable and had established reputations and recommendations. The quality and cost of the vehicles they had is what I examined next. My choice finally came down to the service benefits and safety features of the car. I paid more than what I would have for a different model but I chose safety and reliable and might I say excellent customer service which came in handy in the end.

Once quality and reliability checked out, i would go with easiest to work with over reputation. In order of importance; quality, reliability, compatibility, then reputation.

Firstly, I’d access all the attributes of the vendor in tandem with quality, reliability, pricing and professionalism.