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BUS300: Unit 5 Discussion

Most of us are familiar with the education system. This might be through our personal experience with K-12 or post K-12 education or our children’s experience. Using information in this unit, evaluate the operations of an education system. You may choose a K-12 system, a Higher Education (community college, college, or university) program, or a technical institute that you are familiar with to complete this evaluation. Discuss how and where continuous quality improvement processes could be embedded within the system to increase the quality of the outcomes.

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In the education system grades K-12, there is a lack financial literacy. The improve this, lesson plans must be redesign to prepare student for the real world. Having education is inefficient if it does not provide the tools student need to be well rounded productive members of society.

Not just how to pay bills, but how to invest, what is a interest rate, what the difference between a IRA and 401K. The education system has changed drastically since the 60’s and 70’s when student was able to graduate high school with a skill trade or take a civil service job that they could retire from. Those days are not more, we need education reform, and more partnering with major companies to secure adequate employment opportunities.

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If we talk about a k-12 education system we see that its the basis of child’s career. So it has to be planned in such a way that it benefits our younger generation by giving them exposure of each and every field from arts to commerce and science to sports. So that before going to professional institutes they are clear with their career goals.

Continuous quality improvement should be in the portion what is taught. Most of the portion in the college is outdated, specially in technology and engineering courses and students rely on online source.