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BUS300: Unit 7 Discussion

Take each core job dimension and using a 1-10 scale (1 = lowest and 10 = highest), rate each dimension in relation to your current job or a job that you have had in the past. Based on your job experience, how did the job design impact your job satisfaction, loyalty to the organization, and quality of work and performance? Based on your answer, how would you redesign your job in relation to these core dimensions? If you have never had a job, think about a volunteer experience you may have had, or you might try answering the above questions based on your dream job.

Je suis Agent de migration dont le travail se repose sur la collecte de données migratoires.
C’est un boulot monotone et je reproduis les mêmes questions pour une moyenne de 410 personnes jour.
Dans mes débuts, je ne comprenais pas l’importance de ce que je faisais car ayant pas connu de retour d’information.
La dimension commentaire, je donne 10. Que le travail soit monotone ou stratégique, avoir à donner ses impressions, est déjà un facteur important dans la motivation et la satisfaction. Autonomie=10, elle est un vecteur de responsabilité dans l’attente de la satisfaction client et soi. Identité de la tâche, Responsabilité de la tâche, variété de la tâche=7. Elle ont toutes apportées un changement de ma vision de me voir face à mon boulot et envers le personnel sous mon autorité.
Sollicite de vous une appréciation pour comprendre davantage le contenu de ce programme. Merci

I will answer this question based on my dream job which is an operations manager. I think the working hours should be fixed and in standard with the legal working hours unless and until very much important job is to be done. Rather than giving yearly bonus employees should be given monthly bonus and appreciate them for their work. There should be e-HRM in place. If the employees have any problems there should be a department where they can communicate and be listened for their issues.

My past job design impact my job satisfaction because the structure of the policy was well developed, the culture and mission of the organization was also well developed and every employees feel comfortable to work in that organization. I wouldn’t redesign anything because everything was where it supposed to be and well developed.

I had working in a Bank BPO side where I worked at the entry level…
The work was interesting at first. later over period of time wok got mechanical.
Plenty of self development training was provided. Promotion was given to a person from external source. This causes demotivation. Working in the same position and the same work gets monotonous. Feedback on the employees goals and road maps regarding career should be discussed and not only discuss on the performance. Performance is vital so it has to be graded.

Very nice job design

*skill variety: 10
*task variety: 8
*task significance:10
*autonomy: 8
*feedback: 9
Need reduced workload to enrich the further enrich job satisfaction.