BUS300: Unit 9 Discussion

Research the three well-known awards (Baldridge Award, European Quality Award, Deming Prize) given annually to recognize quality. Pick one of the awards and one of the main evaluation criteria. Compare and Contrast this evaluation criterion for Apple and Microsoft. How would these two organizations score on this quality dimension? How would you suggest improving the quality related to this criterion based on the material that is covered in this section?

The Deming Prize that is given to organizations, has exerted an immeasurable influence directly and indirectly on the development of quality control/management in Japan. Applicant organizations and divisions of companies sought after new approaches to quality management that met the needs of their business environment and challenged for the Deming Prize. Those organizations developed effective quality management methods, established the structures for implementation and put the methods into practice.

There is no easy success at this time of constant change. No organization can expect to build excellent quality management systems just by solving problems given by others. They need to think on their own, set lofty goals and drive themselves to challenge for achieving those goals. For these organizations that introduce and implement TQM in this manner, the Deming Prize aims to be used as a tool for improving and transforming their business management.