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BUS303 expired ACE credit?


According to the “Saylor Direct Credit Courses” list, BUS303 is no longer eligible for college transfer credit, and its ACE expired in November, 2019. A number of other courses have also expired at the same time. The notes suggest a timeframe “during the week of January 11 through January 15”. Those days do fall on a Monday-Friday in 2021. Is this the correct timeframe for when this course (and others) will be re-evaluated?

Thank you!

Hello! Yes, that course will be re-evaluated this month. But we of course can not guarantee that ACE approves them and even if they do, then it might take ACE a few weeks to make the recommendations public on their site. So do take that into consideration in making your plans.

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to know and is extremely helpful to me in my decision-making. Since multiple courses are on this list, might I suggest a sticky topic for others that have this same question?

Thank you again!

Sure, we can do that!

I was just wondering if there was any update on this course and when it will be available for credit? I noticed ACE website update course to 2023 but it currently only available for certificate on Saylor.
-Thank you!