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BUS403 help, etc


Has anyone taken BUS403? I do not see any discussions about it here.



Alas, no discussions yet, although there may be some lurkers or others who plan to take it soon. If you run into trouble, tag me (@seanconnor) or send us an email at


No, I’m just learning how to use the decision

Sorry, I have not taking that yet


I just completed this course, very lengthy. I’ve already failed the final exam twice. I came on here looking for help as well. I study and study and study but I just can’t pass this exam


One suggestion I like to give for study/revision is to looks for key words or phrases from the tricky exam questions on our search page:

For example, if I were confused about the “marketing mix” I would search for that phrase or “four parts of marketing mix”, etc., then look through the most promising results.

Another approach to this is to use a Google search trick:

Type (no spaces) and then your search terms into the Google search box. E.g. marketing mix

For some of our textbooks, using will work.

Our search page, the first link above, allows you to control whether you are searching everything or just textbooks.

It’s definitely work, but less labor intensive than trying to guess where in a course or textbook to find what you are looking for.