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Business plan

  1. I learned a lot of things about writing a business plan, like:
    The definition of business plan, the purpose of business plan, the types of business plan, what we do and we don’t use in business plan, which language we use, How to write it, business plan examples, business plan tools, business plan templates, and so on.
    2.Can I use a lot of words to describe a business plan like: goals, strategy, supply chain management, branding, weakness, strength, opportunities, threats, marketing analysis, structure of business, business vision, business mission, analyzing the industry, PEST analysis, organization and operational plan, balance sheet, cash flow statement…
  2. The description can add detail to what I write, and it can help the reader see what I am thinking, and it help me to build our vocabulary.
        My Business plan is about sealing a orange juice in a public school because their is a lot of students there and most of the student get thirsty and one of the best choice they have is to buy drinks like juice. we will make a organic juice so that we still nature friendly we buy oranges in plantation use ,carton cups and straw, and we use brown sugar this things is cheap and natural. we will going to hire 2 person to facilitate in the business.
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me and my friends we all collaborate together in the plan, together we study, we analyze and we take decisions so that the group work gives us an excellent result

I learned that it’s important to do good research and go deep looking for information to understand and know how your business can succeed even if I want to have a solo project, as an artist or a home bread maker.

Organization, Market, Project

Helping me to communicate in a clear and better way and making me capable of getting a deep conversation with people describing and showing an idea from beginning to end.

to study the business plan, I plan to meet with my colleges, so to be successful on any plan you have to work in a group.

What did I learn about writing a business plan?
- It is necessary for the business owner to be sure if the business is feasible, marketable, and profitable in the first place.

What words can I now use to describe a business?
- Feasible, marketable, profitable.

How did learning new descriptive words improve my English?
- Description is one of the most vital method to explain something, therefore, it would be difficult to do so. Imagine explaining how a dish taste like without using descriptive words, that would be so hard I imagine and you’ll probably just use examples which can also be tricky because you’ll need to think of dishes that taste alike. That is the main reason why learning new descriptive words greatly improve my English.

  1. I learn about how to write a good business plan
  2. Words use to describe a business are advertisement, profit, brand, marketing, and financial.
  3. Learning new descriptive words helps me to better understand a lot of words and phrases.