Calculator for Final algebra exam

Does anyone know if a scientific calculator is allowed on the final algebra proctor exam?
Thank you in advance

Hi @ingrid619 :slight_smile:

Let me start this reply of mine with a regular Disclaimer: I haven’t taken Academy’s “Algebra” courses yet and I also don’t work at / for Saylor.

I’m assuming that you’re referring to the “MA001: College Academy course.

If that is the case, I would say that, regarding allowed calculators in the “MA001: College Algebra” Final proctored Exam, a “Scientific Calculator” would NOT be allowed. The only kind of calculator that you would be allowed to use, in that Exam, would be a “Four-function Calculator”.

I’m basing my answer on the following article, written / authored by Sean Connor (@sean - Director of Student Affairs of Academy), in the “College Credit, Proctoring, & Transcripts” section of the “Saylor Academy Help Center & FAQ”,

In that “What materials can I use on a proctored exam?” web page, you may find the following relevant information:

For every exam, blank paper is allowed .
Most Saylor Direct Credit exams are “closed-book”, but some allow for additional aids. The details below should also be available on the respective exam entry pages.


In contrast, in that same “What materials can I use on a proctored exam?” web page, you may find that there are OTHER Saylor courses, in which a “scientific calculator” is indeed allowed in the proctored Exam, such as in the “MA005: Calculus 1” course:



I hope this helps. Maybe @sean (Director of Student Affairs at Saylor Academy) and/or other Saylor representative(s), such as @Jeff_Davidson (Execute Director for Saylor Academy), can give you here some Official confirmation and/or additional details?

Thank you for your assistance.

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You’re welcome, @ingrid619 :slight_smile: