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Calculus 1 Review (Units 1 - 3)



I must admit the fact that i love Calculus. Having been in this course for two months now; i really enjoy every bit of it and i have so far completed units 1 and 2 now am at unit 3 where i feel that i should share the lovely journey i’ve been trending on since then.

Unit 1 began with a brief introduction to Calculus, preview and review of topics we are to study and the prior knowledge students are supposed to have before they continue. I absolutely fell in love with ‘Mathematical Language’ part about ‘and,’ ‘or’ and ‘if - then’ statements. This area require one to highly be critical thinker and reasonable.

I went to unit 2 after that where i learnt about Functions, Graphs, Limits and Continuity and its where i knew how to calculate limits of functions as a variable approaches a certain constant. I really loved solving practice problems in this unit. Watching video tutorials at Khan Academy and on YouTube really helped me grasp the practice of finding limits.

Unit 3 is the area am dealing with currently and i still enjoy problem solving. Perhaps the area i have found most thrilling is finding a derivative of two or more functions using product and quotient rules. Am sorry to state that i went to tackle Problem Set 4 having not mastered enough how to apply these rules; i failed hard and i had to revisit the area! I was also introduced to ‘Leibniz’s Notation’ formula of finding derivatives using Chain Rule and i still had to consult video tutorials to understand the context.

Am yet to complete unit 3 and Calculus course at large. I Just finished ‘Applications of Chain Rule’ part and now am solving practice problems in ‘Related Rates’ part.