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Can you guys place my certificates back into please @staff

They can be downloaded at my profile. Waiting for an answer please… @staff

It isn’t happening…

Hi @dtdebruijn,

Usual disclaimer: I don’t work at/for Saylor Academy (I’m just a fellow student here). Having said that and according to the following topic posted by @sean, on January 2017, you may want to mention @staff here in the Saylor Academy (Discourse) forums if you want/need to get the attention from the Saylor staff:

Ok thanks man!

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Hello! Please send an email to [email protected] and provide the following information:

  1. saylor academy username
  2. email address used to create your account
  3. list of courses you believe you completed and should have a certificate for.


@staff Sorry, did that already twice to no avail. My email is [email protected] username Daniël Timothy de Bruijn. I have 39 certificates on my profile, downloadable, which i would like to have placed back into and Sean Connor is my witness, he remembers me. The grade list is also there, with dates and everything.

I will connect with Sean on Monday on this and he and his team to review.

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@staff Merci monsieur!

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@staff ok guys, just wondering if there’s already some news…

@staff It has been three days, and there’s no answer… What’s going on?

@Jeff_Davidson @seanc please read this thread

@staff ok guys, I just read you have 1 million students. I can understand now this can take time.

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Yes, lots going on. You did delete a LOT of certificates and we have to re-enter them manually so it will take a bit of time. We appreciate your patience! :slight_smile:


@staff Hi, just wondering if any progress has been made with placing back my certificates. I don’t want to sound impatient, but I haven’t heard anything since the above message. How long do you estimate this is gonna take?