Cert Exam VS Proctored Exam

I just started taking a few classes and I was wondering if you can use the certification exams as study guides for the proctored exams? Are they the same exam or close to the same questions?

Hi @ccampbell,

(Disclaimer: I don’t work at/for Saylor - I’m just another student here - and I haven’t taken any Saylor Proctored Exams yet).

In another topic, our fellow student @bernieyeater wrote the following:

Also, in the “Saylor Direct College Credit” web page - https://www.saylor.org/credit/ - there is a recommendation to “Take the non-credit exam at least once for practice and review” (specifically in the step “2. Prepare for your exam” of the section “Checklist: What to Do”):


Checklist: What to Do

1. Get to know the Saylor Direct Credit program

  • Read through this guide and ask us your questions
  • Choose the Saylor Direct Credit courses you hope to take for credit
  • Make sure that your school will give credit for your courses and find out how your courses will fit into your degree program

2. Prepare for your exam

  • Study the course materials
  • Take the non-credit exam at least once for practice and review

3. Schedule and take your Saylor Direct Credit Final Exam*

  • Familiarize yourself with the proctoring options and choose a proctor
  • Schedule your exam with your proctor
  • Take the Saylor Direct Credit Final Exam for your course

4. Order your transcript

  • See instructions for how to send transcripts for your course(s)

Save or print this checklist

  • To earn the recommendation of credit, you must take the password-protected “Saylor Direct Credit Final Exam” with a proctor.


I hope this helps.

As usual, @ricmarques is right :slight_smile:

The free certificate exams don’t have the same questions but they do cover the same material - and are a great way to practice for the proctored exam!

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