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Hello everyone , please where can I find my certificate ? hh i use to study at saylor academy website so i don’t know how to use the app .

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me too thw same question but should just work which means study hard after all aother things will came easily

If you are using a browser to view your account, your list of certificates will be either to the right of your course list, or below it (on a smaller screen).

If you are using the mobile app, your certificates for completed courses will be at the very bottom of your dashboard page, below the list of your courses. Be sure to be on the Home screen and choose the Dashboard tab (see the screenshots below).

You should have a certificate for each course for which you have passed the final exam with a score of 70% or higher.

You can also find your personal link to your certificate “wallet” to view your certificates anytime or share them with others: View your certificate wallet and transcript [HC]

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