Choosing a research topic

This forum is part of the learning pathway to find and select open resources. Your search for open resources will be directed by the research topic you choose.

You are invited to share:

  • Your draft research question
  • Why you chose the topic
  • Justifications why this is a good question for academic research

Feel free to reply to posts and offer support and/or advice to your peers.

Digital literacies are a big deal for me because I want to stay as up to date as I can so I can remain employable.

Agreed @ccooperwood. In today’s world digital literacies are a necessity in the work place.

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The crazy part with the world and the technology advancing if you don’t keep up with it how do people expect you to live? I still don’t understand how people my mom’s age have no idea how to use tablet or text? I’m glad my mom wants me to teach her how to do basic task with a phone.