Clarity and Feedback Regarding Time Management To- do List Activity


Hey All,

New here and somewhat “confused” I did my To- Do list in the pen and paper method. Tried uploading it but having difficulties.

My feedback is that based on the entire learnings from Unit 1. I found that using the tools provided such as the ’ bucket’ helped make my list so much better and stress free. I was totally not aware of the ‘sisyphus effect’ but it was THERE. Last year when I was faced with a boss that was strict on time management I kind of suffered with my never ending to-do list. If only I knew or came across this course earlier. My life would have been soooooo much better.


Doing my first course on Saylor, which is Time and Stress Management.

This is for the To-do list activity. I’m doing a hybrid method. I’m using the SplenDo app, as well as the pen and paper method in a small scheduler book. I have two types of lists in my app- one for chores around the house, and one for my creative projects. The scheduler is for my work schedule (literally schedule, as I don’t really get projects) and for blocking out weeks devoted to certain creative endeavors.

Hopefully this will all prove helpful. Usually for me, to-do lists help for awhile, but I can never stick to them. I think, though, that my biggest problem is not consistently ring-fencing my most productive time and routine to work on my creative stuff, so I need to establish that.

I hope to start implementing the bucket strategy for my social commitments and also for random “inspiration” I have for my writing, so I can jot my ideas down and get them off my mind.

I’m taking this course both to become a more efficient writer, and to better learn time and stress management for when I take on a job with more responsibility.