Cloud Computing for small businesses

If I were to operate a small business, at first I would be hesitant to install a cloud computing software because of all the security risks it poses. I wouldn’t be able to manage the information going to the internet for others to be able to see. But if ever I would want to expand my business, cloud computing would also be advantageous but only if it’s a “private cloud” in which only those with authorized access within the organization can manage and access those information.

 If I were to be a small business owner,  I would have a small jewelry boutique.  In order to run a small store there are several technology systems that I would have in place.  Some of those systems would include POS system software, inventory/supply chain management software, and customer data collection software.  With this large volume of data being generated by my business I would consider using a cloud computing software.  
 Cloud computing can allow my business to innovate, grow, and I could spend capital where it is really needed.  I could use cloud computing to allow employees to collaborate and share documents when outside of the store,  send customers promotional emails all across the world, and store large quantities of data.  The concern I do have when considering cloud computing is the risk for cyber attacks and hackers.  Before using any cloud computing service, I would be sure to ask how that service protects data and what measures are in place to combat a potential attack.  Other aspects that I would consider would be the location of the data center/data farm and the backup process of the cloud.  The leading cloud computing service is Amazon Web Services (AWS).   According to CNBC in Q1 of 2019 the revenue for AWS was $7.7 billion.  This shows that many companies are using cloud computing services.  My business would benefit from cloud computing.  The future is in the cloud.

I think small busines would need cloud computing for back up and not necessarily for software or application services . Again all these requirements depends on the goals and intentions of the busines owners in their mission and vision . If at all they want to expand in future then it’s to their advantage to use all the IT technologies their budget can afford