Comm 411 Discussion 4


How might you change your approach to media relations based on the type of news outlet you hope to pitch (print, broadcast, online)? I am looking to approach print so my approach would definitely be one that is sure of how this business would affect my audience, be certain that this is a very informative pitch and also give them one that is beneficial to the consumers.

What advice would you provide to a newsmaker who is about to be interviewed by a reporter?

I would definitely let them know to be sure that they stay focused and don’t steer from valid information. If the topic is something that they are not aware of, don’t comment. I would also inform them to Google themselves to be prepared for what is already out there about them as a whole and address the manner in a way that is professional.

What are the steps you might take to ensure ongoing and productive relations with the media?

Keeping up to date with the contacts I have gained as well as learning to know what is in the news and how each avenue works.