Comm 411 unit 2 DC

  1. What seems to be the most important aspects of preparing a public relations plan?
    One of the most important aspects of preparing a public relation plan is crisis management. Things may not go exactly according to plan but you have to prepare yourself to keep going and remain focus on your purpose.

  2. Which marketing concepts may especially apply to effective public relations campaigns?
    I found the four “p’s” very effective for campaigns. Product being their purpose of campaign. What they say and do goes under product. For example, former president Obama brand was Change, which was something alot of could relate to, wanted , and needed. He gave speeches in several places to deliver change during his campaigns. The promoted what he had to offer in several cities reaching out to different ages and races.

  3. If you are undertaking your own public relations campaign currently or in the future, share some aspects of your planning process.
    I have not undertaken my own PR campaign or anything but I see that not only do you have to know your brand but the people you serve as well. You want to know if we you have to deliver is what they need and if not how can you deliver it properly to them.


another thing is that some one who is taking a public relations campaign should be in position to understand the people and their behaviors to avoid misunderstandings.

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Mastering what you have (material) and what audience you will have drive you to maximize your success of achievement