Comm 411 (unit 3 answers)



1.)What are some of the key publics you have worked with, or plan to work with, in your professional communications?

During my internship in an in house marketing department of our college , I have worked with a wide range of key publics ranging from millenials,students,parents, professors,professionals.
In my current pursuit of work I plan to work with a much more wide range of key publics even clients as well to further enhance my capabilities and knowledge with interacting among them and to apply my pr learnings as well.

2.What useful websites and tools did you find in your investigation of research resources?

As a former communication arts students we are trained and taught to used different kinds of methods in researching and gathering resources, the most common that we has used are interviewing people,conducting research and gathering online resources online which are verified.

3.What nations and cultures have you worked with? How are they different and similar to one another?

As of now I have worked with Filipinos since I studied in the Philippines,but with my current pursuit tow ork in Dubai ,I’ll be interacting with a much more wide range of nationalities and exposure to different cultures and perceptions as well, There are not much difference between the two ,although there are some distinctions in terms of religion and cultures, but some intertwine .