Comm Unit 1 Discussion

According to me, some aspects of public relations are the same in spite of so much change in our life and they have not changed over time. There are several examples of companies that have been using public relations established historically like FedEx. This company has valued its customers and took care of their needs. They had their powerful marketing channels through which they reach out to a large number of customers. The main thing was that they did not underestimate the power of public relations and always continued to nourish them. In this way, historical foundations of public relations could be applied to current day news. The importance of public relations cannot be ignored even after the company has settled well. They can utilize the foundation of public relations to meet the current demands of the customers.
n my opinion, the role of public relations fit within a larger marketing campaign because public relation is an integral part of any organization’s marketing plan. The objective of public relations is to value the people across the globe.

On another hand, a larger marketing campaign also targets the larger group of people and that too around the globe if possible. Public relationship managers and marketing managers put their combined efforts in order to obtain huge success in terms of a large audience. Public relations are as important as the marketing of a product. Both processes work together to achieve early success. Larger marketing campaigns are associated with targeting people over the globe that is also the same in case of public relations.

Developments in social media are impacting public relations in several ways, Encouraging customer focus the first way that public relations is being affected by developments in social media is that customer focus is being encouraged. Essentially, as social media develops, brands are being compelled to put focus on their clients in a bid to enhance positive relationships. Developments in social media are also leading to greater engagement between brands and their customers which improves PR. In addition, developments in social media is helping small businesses to be able to afford PR since they have an easier way of reaching out to their clients.

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