Comm: unit 3 discussion



1.What are some of the key publics you have worked with, or plan to work with, in your professional communications?

The key publics I plan to work with are those that work in the fashion industry mainly the buyers who work with well known boutiques that are willing to stock African fashion brands . My goal/objective will be about informing/educating them about the latest treads and which African fashion designers to look out for and fashion news covering African fashion shows and fashion weeks

2.What useful websites and tools did you find in your investigation of research resources?

  1. Craigslist
  2. International travel advice
  3. eMarketer
  4. Free sample marketing plans

3.What nations and cultures have you worked with? How are they different and similar to one another?

Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to work in the communications industry yet.




What would you like to discuss exactly?


Questions 2 and 3