Comm Unit 4 discussion

How might you change your approach to media relations based on the type of news outlet you hope to pitch (print, broadcast, online)? Doing something that will get the media’s attention. Big-ticket stars use this tactic all the time. From celebrities to startups selling widgets, the idea is the same: the media want something that will get their reader’s attention. Give it to them, and your chances of coverage will soar.

**What advice would you provide to a newsmaker who is about to be interviewed by a reporter?
Interviews may be conversational, but they are not casual conversations. Organization is essential, as is attention to detail and a firm will. The process also begins well before you talk with the other person, be it face to face, on the telephone or over the Internet. The intensity of your preparations may vary depending on the gravity and importance of the interview.

**What are the steps you might take to ensure ongoing and productive relations with the media? Media contacts are constantly changing. Reporters get shifted to new assignments, move on to new jobs, and so on. It’s important that you maintain your media list on a regular basis to keep all your contact information updated. Otherwise, when it comes time to pitch a story, you won’t have anyone to pitch it to.

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