Comm411 discussion 5


What steps do you hope to use to improve your own writing skills?
I will practice writing articles
Reading on the regular; books, newspapers and self help writing books
Utilize my rules for writers books and consult with those like minded writers who are advanced in the areas I desire

How do you best activate your own creativity (e.g. do you take a walk, keep a journal, etc.)?
I tend to get better creativity when I am sitting in silence as well as the early morning hours after meditation, things flow more organically.

Share an example of a public speech you may have given. How did you prepare for the speech?
How did it go?

I have never had to give a public speech.


Try joining Toastmasters. It’s a communications improvement international organization. They have chapters everywhere. Find one in your area. You have to give speeches regularly in a non threatening environment.