Comm411 Discussion 7


What examples of crisis communications have you seen lately in the news? Can you find cases illustrating how both corporate and government officials dealt with crises?
One crisis communication that I saw was the report of a death of a celebrity prematurely. The media was quickly relaying this until the PR for the celebrity and his son made it evident that he hadn’t transitioned. The initial reporting came from TMZ. They immediately came in with an apology and correct the information. As for the government/corporate dealings, I don’t have any for this crisis.
Think of a time you had to apologize for some offense you committed: what did you do well? What might you have done better?
I can think of an offense with my daughter where I accused her of staying out late and not reporting for work study. I should have checked her online classes as I have the login information. I trusted the judgment of an advisor instead of doing my research.
What you would say are the most important aspects of careful crisis planning?
Making sure that your plan is set and worked on for hours and even practiced as a way to know that you will be prepared. It is true you cant be 100% prepared, you do need to have a plan in place that in the case of emergency, you are able to refer to this as well as your team…


Your points are on track… Thanks for the information and counselling.