Comm411: Unit 1 discussion with Raymond McKinley

  1. How do historical foundations of public relations apply to current day news? Please share some examples.

Chapter 1 of our text book “Mastering Public Relations” states the importance of public relations as a means to maintain ongoing, beneficial relationships, to systematically listen to and understand the concerns of publics. The article "Past, Present, and Future of Marketing & PR " by Marsha Freidman states the media’s interest is in serving their public: their listeners, viewers and readers. Their need is to provide information that’s entertaining and informative to their audience in order to keep them tuned in. I will state Fox News as an example whose publics are mainly working class republicans and baby-boomer Americans of which are served negative and often racially motivated political news. En continuem, Bloomberg whose publics are American investors and financial professionals which are served the latest financial news on world markets and up to date financial data.

  1. How might the role of public relations fit within a larger marketing campaign?

The role of public relations might fit within a larger marketing campaign by helping the client understand what their customer is thinking, through which mediums and how to best communicate the offering; or perhaps focus the offering to it’s publics.

  1. How do you think developments in digital media are impacting the field of public relations?

I think developments in digital media are impacting the field of public relations by allowing companies, non-profits, and government entities direct access to their publics in contrast to previously traditional media channels.


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