COMM411 Unit 1 Discussion


1.How do the historical foundations of public relations apply to current day news? Please share some examples.

The statement on the first page of Chapter 1 says quite a bit of the historical foundations of public relations “…the importance of public relations as a means to maintain ongoing, beneficial relationships, to systematically listen to and understand the concerns of publics.” Something I just heard about last night that is a good example. Amazon is laying off a bunch of employees. Their message to the public includes the information that although they are laying these people off they are also hiring in several other positions and are trying to fill all those positions with people that are being laid off from other ones. This, I am sure, is going to keep their loyal customers to remain loyal, by showing their loyalty to their employees in a necessary time of restructure…we all understand the need of change from time to time, and how that affects a persons individual life/career.

2.How might the role of public relations fit within a larger marketing campaign?

In a personal opinion, regarding Amazon’s move recently, they played used good public relations tools in this “move”. A couple weeks ago they announced the opening of an Amazon unmanned store front in downtown Seattle. This storefront would work with an electronic system tracking what you pick out and then you just leave the store and it charges you after you exit. There would be only one or two people actually there for direction of customers questions. The apparent lack of need for staffing could have been a good staffing cutback message tool for the announcement yesterday.

3.How do you think developments in social media are impacting the field of public relations?

Personally, I believe it is a negative impact for the most part. As far as it being used for a prime avenue for greed and disparaging content about others. That goes from sports teams to political leaders, social economic groups to coffee shops or body style to what kind of car you own. This type of public opinions has led public relations people to steer from the wholesome, moral needs the public has to feeding the self-centered wants they desire, all to sell their product. That said, the field of public relations is also seeking the opinions of their “publics” in very resourceful ways. I know they also have to seek the type of things that their “employers” desire them to seek, so it is not only the PR people in my viewpoint above. I know that there are companies that are really seeking and accomplishing a more moral standpoint as well, and social media is a greatly impacting way to make a difference.