Comm411: unit 2 discussion 2019


What seems to be the most important aspects of preparing a public relations plan?

It would appear that the most important aspects of preparing a PR plan is to set your goals with the right objective in mind. Know your who, why , what and also your audience. Having a clear plan and executing it will help you stay the course.

Which marketing concepts may especially apply to effective public relations campaigns?
I would say marking to the right people, knowing your products pros and cons and also utilizing your audience when you are marketing to make them as comfortable as possible.

If you are undertaking your own public relations campaign currently or in the future, please share any aspects of your planning process.

I would definitely research what I am going to market. Consult with the right individuals who there to help. Build a strong schedule and budget plan. Learn what the challenges will be and also know my targeted audience. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE.