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COMM411: Unit 3 Discussion


What are some of the key publics you have worked with, or plan to work with, in your professional communications?

I’ve worked with a retail company to help them reach their customers better through social media. Part of my job was to design posts that promoted sales and products to the store’s key demographic.

What useful websites and tools did you find in your investigation of research resources?

I used a variety of tools to help me. I used images through a smartphone App when I wasn’t taking my own. I also used two social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

What nations and cultures have you worked with? How are they different and similar to one another?

I have mainly worked with various Hispanic, Indian and Asian cultures. In addition to working working with these two cultures as customers I also worked directly with a Chinese woman as well as a Mexican woman and another of Latin descent. I would have to say that in particular as a whole, these three cultures were similar in that they were all frugal with their money. Indians are notorious for wanting the lowest price possible.