Comm411 Unit 7 Discussion

  1. What examples of crisis communications have you seen lately in the news? Can you find cases illustrating how both corporate and government officials dealt with crises? The corona-virus is a great example. The government officials tel us to keep covered one day then say the average american doesnt have to worry about making it really difficult to understand if they should take it serious or not.

  2. Think of a time you had to apologize for some offense you committed: what did you do well? What might you have done better? I cant think of a time but i can tell you if i did it probably was misunderstood. I would first apologize and be more clear and make sure im delivering the message i first intended to give properly.

  3. What you would say are the most important aspects of careful crisis planning?
    To prepare yourself, Make sure you have all the facts, tell the truth and be sure to show you care.


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