Communication 411 unit 3 discussion


  1. What are some of the key publics you have worked with, or plan to work with, in your professional communications? I have worked with a few of the key publics, however I still look to work with the other parts of these publics. Here are the ones I have worked with: Active Public and the latter, Latent Public.
  2. What useful websites and tools did you find in your investigation of research resources?n/a
  3. What nations and cultures have you worked with? How are they different and similar to one another? I have worked with Latin culture, African American as well as India culture. They are similar in the sense that they all want the end results to be the same, however, the method in which this is handled is not the same. I will say that the India culture is very dominate when it comes to presenting how things should be handled, however, and this is my perception, they are prone to delegating this works, first and foremost, leadership. Active public in a sense, however, fatalistic behavior in another.