Communications discussion

  1. What are some of the similarities and differences of commercial & social marketing ?

Social marketing relies on the same marketing techniques used by commercial marketers to reach out to its target audience.
Both marketings have their product features and communications dictated by the needs and desires of the consumers.

  • researching and evaluation of communications strategy and product development is cardinal in both marketings

  • both social and commercial marketing take into account the 4 PS of marketing ( product,place,promotion & price

  • Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviours not necessarily to be benefit the marketer but to the target audience and society in general
    -PRICE - the price is not always measured in monetary terms. It may require the consumer to put in his time ,effort or risk embarassment
    It is also important to set the monetary value of the product in such a way that will not make it to be considered of low quality because of the abnormally low low price or free issue status. A reasonable price/fee must be pegged in order to build perceptions of quality.
    Where the products for social marketing are dispensed is not necessarily a sales outlet,it can be a clinic , hospital,or information delivered through mass media vans , brochures ,public address system on the road side ,etc
    Social marketing success depends on a broad target audience- it requires funders , suitable policy environment, partnerships & internal audience

  1. Have you ever worked on a social marketing campaign? Share a few details.

I participated in a publicity and educational campaign by the Electoral Commission of Zambia in which people were being encouraged to register as voters and also urge them to come out and vote on the forthcoming tripartite elections. We emphasized on the relevant documents to bring when registering and the importance of their voting to the future of their country
3.What sort of social marketing campaign might you like to work on in the future?
I would love to be involved in social marketing campaign that is designed to ease tribal tensions in the country and more importantly educate citizens to vote for candidates based on merit and not tribal inclinations.