Competitive Advantage and the Role of IT for companies


As a society, we are technology driven, Especially, now that most homes have some kind of technology driven device in their home. As a business, technology is a driving force, with many business selling and buying globally. Innovation and online marketing through the use of technology is going to be the guide to competitive advantage in the future. As I am sure it, will continue to be an important force in the sustainability of the competitive advantage.


To Summarize Carr’s argument that IT does not bring a competitive advantage to a company means that the over all goal is to providing the best service with minimal downtime. Carr believes that information technology has become more ubiquitous over time since the software and information is readily available to everyone, there fore it has become less of a differentiator.

The current thinking behind the competitive advantage of IT is such that a company needs to be aware that there are changes in how IT systems work and stay on top of managing them in an effective way. By having an understanding of how they work and ways that they can improve or reengineer the process and company will become more competitive.